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Losing weight is important in the context of medicine, health, and fitness. Weight loss refers to an act of lowering body mass and fats. This is maybe due to loss of body fluid, fats, lean mass or adipose tissue. No matter what the right term is weight loss is very important. Weight loss mostly occurs when you intend it to happen. You can reach your desired weight loss when you follow a diet plan such as the HCG diet.

What is the HCG diet?

This is a low fat and low-calorie diet. The HCG diet is intended for that individual who is obese and wanting to lose weight safely. The HCG diet is a natural weight loss aid that helps you lower your weight without undergoing any surgery. HCG diet is a weight loss process that allows you to lose weight rapidly. This is accompanied by a low-calorie diet. The low-calorie intake will prepare your body to shift from unhealthy eating to a new eating style.

Losing weight is not an experience but a journey. It is a journey towards a better life. It is not just about having excess body fats but also about how you act on it. Your weight determines the stand of your health. That is why you need to lose weight if you are an overweight person. Losing weight means you have to control your unhealthy desires towards foods. Avoid the possible cause of weight loss failures as early as your diet starts.

The common failures you need to avoid in starting the HCG diet

  • Your unhealthy lifestyle

Do not at the HCG diet as a temporary experience. Treat it as a lifestyle or make it part of your routine. If you want to lose weight and shed it off, you have to change your mindset. Start to adopt a new mentality towards food. Think of lowering your intake of calories and food portioning. If you change your unhealthy lifestyle it will open the door for a successful weight loss. This success will happen if you completely destroy your unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Stop expecting for immediate results

Although the HCG diet is a rapid weight loss, you cannot lose weight in a snap. Seeing the result of the scale every day can motivate you. However, there are times that your weight remains or you may gain weight. This will cause stress and panic which is not good during weight loss. As early as now you have to start teaching yourself not to get motivated on the result. Instead, you have to be motivated by the reason why you want to lose weight. The HCG will just reveal favorable results and initial progress on your weight loss.

The HCG protocol is usually only followed for a maximum of 40 days. This will give your body an initial fat reduction it needs to shed those pounds. The HCG diet will immediately transform your weight as well as your body composition. The HCG diet also establishes a pattern for healthy food choices. The healthy food choices and eating pattern which will help you maintain your target weight. 

  • Do not rely on exercise

Exercise alone cannot help you lose weight. In most cases, heavy exercises are not allowed especially on the HCG diet. Do not depend on the amount of time you do exercise. Instead, you have to focus on the protocol of the HCG diet and on how it works in fat burning. Do not overact exercises because it will just trigger your stress hormones and makes you gain weight.

Your body will send hunger signals when you consume fewer calories. This is the main problem that the HCG will deal with. Hunger and cravings are still possible on the HCG diet. However, the diet hormones will reset your metabolism and curb hunger during the VLCD. The resetting of your metabolic will push your body to burn fats and use it as an energy source. This means that you do not need extreme exercises or workouts to lose weight on the HCG diet.

  • Stop overreacting to hunger

Hunger pain can induce anxiety. However, you have to be aware that it is completely normal for first-time dieters. Do not overact to hunger because you might tend to eat unhealthy food choices. Reach for a snack that is healthy and has low calories. Hunger is not always solved through eating. It is because; hunger is sometimes a signal of thirst. You have to carefully determine what kind of hunger you feel. Concentrate on every bite of food when you deal with physical hunger. You also have to assess your emotions to avoid emotional eating.

  • Eating sugar, fats, and calorie-rich foods

One of the rules of the HCG diet is no sugar and no carbs. This is because these foods are a common cause of weight gain. Avoid foods that are highly processed such as meat and other products. Focus on healthy loading. Change your food reference. The HCG diet food list will be your reference on your food choices during the HCG diet. You also have to track your intake of calories, especially on the VLCD.

The starter pack in reaching success on the HCG diet

  • You have the guide or the diet protocol- you have to be familiar with the guide of the HCG diet. This will help in avoiding the foods that can cause weight gain. You can also include light exercise to maintain your muscle mass.
  • Load healthy fats on loading days- The healthy fats will prepare your fats stores when you do the VLCD. It will give you a greater chance to curb hunger and maintain weight loss. Practice yourself in loading healthy and well-balanced meals.
  • Maintain the HCG shot- The HCG diet is nothing without the diet hormones. HCG is the main reason why you can reach your weight loss safely and fast. Have your HCG shot at the same time each day to avoid any missed dose. The diet hormones reset your metabolic rate and cause rapid weight loss.