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Weight gain happens fast but losing weight is very hard. Weight gain is easily done right after you eat too many unhealthy foods. However, losing weight is not solved through a single meal of unhealthy foods. The reality is that you cannot lose weight as fast as how you gain it. That is why the HCG diet is created to help you lose weight faster. You have to plan and prepare yourself for the weight loss process.

Ending your weight gain needs preparation and commitment to the diet process. You have to shift into a healthy lifestyle to promote faster weight loss. The biggest fear of all dieter is gaining weight during fat burning. Weight gain or cravings often come during cheat days. You cannot lose more weight by doing an unhealthy lifestyle. Deal with the cause of weight gain without causing any effects on your weight loss.

Weight gain is the major result of your unhealthy loading. It is an abnormal response of your body towards eating unhealthy food choices. You must be aware that everything that you load on cannot spit out. Every food affects your body. Pay more attention and boost your focus on eating during your HCG diet. Your focus will aid in food portioning and controlling your intake of calories during VLCD.

Proper control of the caloric intake and food portion can help you lose weight. It is also one way of staving off cravings and hunger. Proper intake of calories will stave off repetitive hunger. Enjoy as much food as you want to help you reverse cravings. However, you have to be watchful of the intake of calories, especially during the HCG diet. Do not eat in response to cravings or emotional hunger because it can surely cause weight gain.

Deal with food cravings but do not deprive yourself of eating. You do not have to skip your meals for the sake of weight loss. Skipping meals does not aid in weight loss. It will just cause nutritional deficiency during your weight loss. To recover from cravings you have to replace your unhealthy food indulgences. Self-deprivation is going beyond the borders of being healthy. It can delay your weight loss process and will also cause you to cheat.

Reverse weight gain by avoiding the foods that trigger your cravings. Unhealthy foods constantly cause emotional hunger. Do not eat foods in response to cravings or emotional hunger. It will just lead you to eat too much. Emotional hunger will not be gone until you load too many unhealthy foods.

How to end weight gain during the HCG diet?

  • Go back to your diet track and get rid of liquid calories

Do something to correct weight gain right away. Do not prolong the effect of food cravings because it may cause weight gain. You can do the apple or steak day to get back on your diet track right away. Lowering your caloric intake will shed more pounds in your body. Quit drinking beverages that contain liquid calories. You cannot detect liquid calories the same way you detect the calories from foods. That is why you have to stay away from processed drinks. It is because these are loaded with unhealthy chemicals that may affect your health. 

  • Add an exercise routine and stay hydrated

Get some wiggle by having light exercises. Add an exercise routine on your everyday activities. It will help you burn extra calories from your unhealthy food indulgences. Light exercise maintains strength and gets you back on your diet track. It can also boost your metabolism and heart health. Hydration as well as flushes out all the causes of weight gain including water retention. It controls your appetite and keeps you stay full.

  • Lower your portion sizes and quit late-night snacking

Proper food portioning can help you control your intake of calories. It is done by measuring or weighing the food choice before cooking. This is one easy way to counter weight gain. Food portioning is also one way to curb cravings. It keeps out from carbs, sugar and unhealthy food choices during VLCD. Late-night snacking is an unhealthy habit that silently kills your weight loss. The foods you will be eating during late-night snacking triggers high blood pressure.

How to avoid food cravings during the HCG diet?

  • Do not skip meals- Skipping meals does not help you lose weight. It will just trigger hunger pains and makes you eat too much on your next meal. Do not skip meals but you can split your 500 calorie meal into 5. This will come out into 100 calories per serving for the whole day. This is a guilt-free technique in staying full for the entire day. Eat your meals at the right place. It is better to prepare your foods at home to be safe from calories. Cooking and preparing at home will also keep you away from food ingredients that cause weight gain.
  • Administer the exact dose of HCG – The HCG is responsible for resetting your metabolic rate. Thus, uses your fat stores as the source of energy instead of the foods you eat. The HCG will also curb your hunger and cravings during the VLCD. It targets the hard to reach areas in your body and burn stubborn fats. The HCG also protects and preserves your muscle mass. It only burns your body fats and keeps your muscle healthy.
  • Eat the right food at the right time- The right foods for your diet are on your diet food list. These are the foods that are from whole products such. Whole food products are organic products such as fruits and vegetables. It has rich vitamins and minerals that aid in maintaining a healthy body. Eating the right food choices will aid in reaching your weight loss goal. Time and place also matter most in proper eating. This is because you are not allowed to eat and eat all the time during your weight loss. You are only allowed to eat during mealtime. Snacking is only allowed when physical hunger hits you.