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Eating to Hunger on the HCG Diet, What does it mean?

Eating to Hunger on the HCG Diet, What does it mean?

Hunger on the HCG diet is typical during the first few days of the VLCD. It is nothing to worry about as it is due to your body’s adjustment to the protocol. Nonetheless, it will be gone as soon as the HCG spreads in your system. Most of the dieters on the HCG diet do not experience starvation during the VLCD. The diet hormone controls your appetite and makes VLCD bearable.

What Does Eating to Hunger Means on the HCG Diet?

On the HCG diet, there are days that you only need to eat as little as 300 calories. You can omit any food that you are not hungry for during the process. You can do this process in the third week of your VLCD. Ensure that that the HCG works well in your system before you start to change your meal pattern. Start eliminating Melba and Grissini Breadsticks on your daily meal.

When you eat less, it does not mean that you have to skip the protein. You can omit a portion of the permissible carbs on the HCG diet but not the protein. It is an essential nutrient that your body needs during weight loss. It increases your satiety and preserves your lean muscle mass.

Tips on Eating to Hunger during the HCG diet

  • Eat at least 200 grams of protein every day in combination with the VLCD.
  • Avoid eating processed meat and junk foods because they interfere with the HCG.
  • You can skip a bowl of vegetables but ensure you are not depriving yourself.
  • Maintain your hydration every day to increase the detoxification process in your body.
  • Take your HCG injections at the same time each day to suppress your appetite and increase the fat-burning rate.
  • Remove the visible fats of your meat choices and weigh them before cooking.
  • Avoid dipping your food in oils and other greases because they increase fat deposition in your body.
  • Stop this process when you feel an intense hunger or when it occurs frequently.

What will you do When Hunger is Persistent?

Inform your doctor when you often feel starvation for a week or two. You can adjust your HCG dosage when the typical amount does not work for you. Let your physician know if you are taking other medications during the HCG diet. Some of them can interfere with the diet hormone. Your dietician will help you get the proper dosing of the HCG to continue losing weight.

How to Manage Hunger on the HCG Diet?

Eat more vegetables.  Fiber helps your body maintain satiety during the VLCD. Opt for green and leafy vegetables to avoid an intense hunger. Avoid stressful events that cause emotional tension. They are one of the causes of binge eating due to resorting to unhealthy treats. Foods can relieve stress but, they will also cause rapid weight gain.

Another tip is to break your food intake. Avoid eating all at once. You can split it into three servings so you can eat something when you starve. It is a healthy technique of staying full without adding calories to your diet.