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Easy Things You Can Do to Boost Your Weight Loss on the HCG Diet

Easy Things You Can Do to Boost Your Weight Loss on the HCG Diet

The food choices you make per meal can reflect your progress on the HCG diet. Make several changes today regardless of making little progress at a time. Many of these tips are portion control strategies, which is an overlooked step on the HCG diet. Food portioning is a healthy strategy to keep your calorie intake low during the HCG diet. Stick to the HCG diet protocol every day to boost your weight loss.

Here are easy habits that help you lose weight on the HCG diet:

Drink a glass of water before each meal

Water reduces the number of calories you eat per meal. Note that some hunger is due to dehydration. So, drinking a glass of water can improve your satiety and controls your appetite. It can boost weight loss because you are less likely to eat foods that lead to fat deposition. Drink a glass of water before a meal to prevent you from eating additional 100 calories.

Eat more vegetables

You can increase your vegetable intake during the HCG diet but ensure it does not surpass 500 calories. Some dieters cut down the Melba Toast in one meal and substitute it with vegetables. Eating vegetables increase your satiety without adding more calories. They are rich in fiber and several nutrients that maintain your overall health during the HCG diet. Most vegetables are low in calories while being high in fiber and compounds that can suppress your appetite.

Keep your carbohydrate portions small

         The HCG diet protocol limits your carb intake because it can add more calories to your diet. The advisable carbs during the VLCD are Melba Toast and Grissini breadsticks. Avoid eating complex carbs to prevent weight gain. Avoid eating grains, starchy vegetables, and rice throughout the second phase of the HCG diet. But, you can have whole grains during the loading phase and after the VLCD. Substitute carbs with fresh fruits and vegetables to increase your weight loss.

Make some soup

         You can have big meals without adding more calories during the HCG diet. Make some soup but, be careful with the ingredients you add to your soup. Avoid combining it with croutons or crackers because it can cause weight gain. Noodles and pasta are not advisable during the VLCD because they have similar effects with creams and dressings. Also, avoid eating appetizers during the HCG diet because it leads to overeating.

Avoid distractions when you eat

         Eating any meal while having distractions can increase your calorie consumption. Pay attention to what you eat during the HCG diet. It will help you track your calorie intake and determine the ingredients of the food you eat. Avoid putting your attention on televisions or computer games to notice the signals of your body. Eat on time and have your meals on the dining table. It is a better way to establish healthy eating habits during the HCG diet.

The combination approach of HCG injections and VLCD can improve your overall weight loss. It can also establish a healthy relationship with food. Avoid overloading your dining plates with unnecessary treats because it can interfere with your weight loss.