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There are strategies to follow when you do shopping. This is important during the VLCD to be able to get the best foods for weight loss. There are few tips to incorporate to guarantee that the diet goes well. It will also help you spend less money, time, and energy on purchasing your meals. You need to purchase the foods that are allowed during the very low-calorie phase.

The grocery guides prevent you from going off on tangents and buy food items that are not necessary. Phase 2 is the most restrictive phase during the HCG diet. That is why you have to be extra careful in purchasing your foods. A single mistake can affect the entire weight loss process. The HCG diet phase 2 is the most delicate yet significant 3 to 6 weeks of your life.

HCG diet Phase 2 shopping tips

  • Review the protocol and the food list

You need to familiarize the flow of the HCG diet before going on a grocery shopping. Review the protocol on the allowed foods for the very low-calorie phase. Bring a list of the allowed foods to avoid buying the unnecessary ones. You should get familiar with which foods are allowed and which food is not. This will help you know exactly what to do when you are in the grocery store.

  • Purchase the HCG diet foods separately

Get a separate cart for your HCG diet foods. Do not place it along with the grocery in your household. Purchasing your foods with other people’s food can make it difficult for you to discern what you should be eating. This might ruin the diet requirements during the VLCD.

  • Purchase foods enough for 1-week consumption

Do not purchase too many foods to avoid spending too much money. You only have to buy enough food and estimate how much you need for 7 days. This will help you save your time from going to the grocery store frequently.

  • Do not buy processed foods

Processed foods such as dried fruits and canned vegetables are not allowed during the VLCD. It’s because of the added calories and ingredients that may stop the work of HCG. The nutrients of processed food products are already degraded. The extra ingredients of the process products will hold back your weight loss.

  • Check the food label

The food label contains the list of ingredients present in each food product. Read the food labels before purchasing them. Avoid any form of sugar, starch, and oils. Reading food labels also help you prevent having expired food products. Make this a habit when in purchasing foods for your very low-calorie diet.

When is the best day to purchase your Phase 2 foods?

There is no approved day or time to do your errands during the HCG diet. However, it is preferred to do the grocery shopping on weekends. Do not insert it during weekdays or when you are busy. Shopping on a hectic schedule will cause stress. You cannot decide properly on what foods you need and not.