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Easy Food Swaps For Faster Weight Loss on the HCG Diet

Easy Food Swaps For Faster Weight Loss on the HCG Diet

One of the rules of the HCG diet is to swap your unhealthy food intake with healthier substitutes. Avoid cutting specific foods without referring to the diet food list. The typical reason for a failed diet is resorting to unhealthy food swaps. On the HCG diet, you have to detach the items that can mess up with the diet hormone.

Why do you Need to Swap Your Food During the HCG Diet?

Substitute your unhealthy foods with better options that are permissible on the HCG diet. Food swapping helps you prevent the chemicals and other ingredients that affect the mechanism of the HCG. Substitute your unhealthy foods to prevent weight loss issues on Phase 2 of the HCG diet.

Here are the Typical Food Swaps you can do on the HCG Diet

  1. Swap Soda with Water. Substitute your favorite soda with a bottle of water during the HCG diet. Avoid drinking diet soda because it has loads of artificial sweeteners that cause weight gain. If you crave soda during the HCG diet, you can make lemon juice.
  2. Swap your typical serving plate with a smaller option. This is a psychological technique to trick your brain into the amount of your food intake. It increases your satiety with lower food intake while taking the HCG injections.
  3. Swap the fatty meat with lean options. Fats are one of the causes of weight gain. Lean cuts of meat have loads of protein that helps in losing weight. Opt for chicken breast and beef meat. Avoid bacon, ham, sausages, burgers, and other processed products.
  4. Replace cereals with fruits. Most of the cereals in stores have sugar and carbs that increase the fat deposition in all parts of your body. To start your day, eat the whole fruit or drink a cup of coffee as your meal choice. Cereals are instant foods that go through several processes to increase flavor. Avoid oatmeals and other carb options for breakfast.
  5. Substitute chips with vegetables. Junk foods are delicious treats but remember that not all delightful foods are healthy. Chips contain loads of flavorings, sodium, and preservatives. These industrial chemicals can stop the HCG from burning your fats. Opt for vegetables because they are low in calories and increases your satiety.
  6. Cook your meals at home instead of raiding the buffet. When you head to work, ensure you have your lunch with you. Cook your meals at home to ensure a healthy meal. When you cook at home you can control the ingredients you are adding. It assures you that you are eating safe foods for your weight loss. You can also bring a whole fruit for your snack option to avoid buying donuts in the cafeteria.
  7. Opt for Frozen fruit instead of buying ice cream. You can put a medium sized-apple in your freezer. It has a delicious flavor that can be a substitute for ice cream. Frozen fruits help you deal with sugar-cravings because it mimics that flavor of sugar without ruining your weight loss. Take time to enjoy your meal to prevent binge-eating sessions.