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Is this possible? How does the HCG diet work with this? HCG on the HCG diet is possible. However, it must be in moderation. There are situations that alcohol has been safe for the diet. Dealing with alcohol comes in many people. They have difficulties in dealing with this problem. The reason why it is taken in moderately is that it is loaded with calories. This may cause a lot of changes in the body. Be watchful especially if you are in the HCG diet duration.

Alcohol causes a lot of problems that might happen. Checking the number of calories in a glass of alcohol may help. Vodka or whiskey, for example, has 95 calories. This is too much but you may take it moderately. These are also taken with unhealthy snacks such as crackers. This leads to ineffective portion control. Some of it has a lot of sugar which is a big NO in the diet.

The bad effects of the HCG diet

It interferes with the work of the hormone- Take note that alcohol has chemicals that are not HCG friendly. It spreads in the bloodstream and may affect the metabolism in the body. This is why there is such a thing as “alcohol belly”. This is because alcohol is used as an energy source instead of fat. Thus, affects the HCG hormones and ruins the diet.

Everything around turns into fat- It affects the digestion and metabolism. It turns everything into fat. Do not drink this as a stress reliever. It will just worsen the situation. The more alcohol you take, the lower the work of metabolism. Thus, turn the body into a bad shape.

What is acceptable?

  • Drink alcohol in moderation BUT please avoid it as much as you can
  • 2 to 3 glass of it in a week is acceptable but do not do it always
  • Sugar-free drink is acceptable but be careful on calories
  • 2 to 3 glasses of red or white wine is considered—this is for the whole week

In short, stay away from beers and other drinks that have sugar. You will not just add calories, but also fats. Alcohol consumption is part of a bad habit. This is why the HCG diet will help you in overcoming the habit. HCG and alcohol if combined does not create sudden danger. However, it keeps you away from the dirt track. It has a big possibility that your weight will increase. It accumulates in the belly, arm, and thigh. This makes the HCG hormones find hard to work out in the weight loss. The liver can help in burning fats. But if there is alcohol, it will be busy in detoxifying. Choose healthy drinks that will help in weight loss and liver health.