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The idea of using HCG for weight loss starts with Dr. Simeons. It is a passionate study that seeks a healthy solution to obese patients. This is an effective step in helping to stop the increasing problem of obesity. The HCG moves the stored fats in your body which causes it to burn calories. Thus, the dropping of pounds follows right away. The dropping of weight happens as soon as the HCG is now present in your body.

If losing weight would be easy as a snap then there will be no obese and overweight people nowadays. However, losing weight does not work just the way you want it. It takes process and steps before you will lose weight. There are various tips and rules that you must take seriously to lose weight. This is because losing weight is not just because it is your obligation. You have to lose weight to help you maintain your health longer.

How to successfully start the HCG diet?

HCG diet starts with a physical assessment. This is done before you start the loading days. The physical assessment or medical check-up will determine if your body is ready for fast weight loss. You can start your HCG shot by 2 days loading. This is known as the gorging phase because you are allowed to binge eating. Load more on foods that has high levels of fat. This is to prepare your fat stores for phase 2 of the HCG diet. There is a provided list of the foods that are allowed during your weight loss process. These food choices control and maximize your weight loss and health stabilization.

What are the things you must do during the HCG diet?

  • Space your meals- This is one way of keeping full all day without gaining weight. Spacing your meals helps you to have something to eat whenever you are hungry. You can split your meals into 5 serving that has 100 calories each. It keeps you out of hunger or cravings.
  • Stay hydrated- water pushes out toxins and other waste out of your body. Water helps in boosting metabolism and acts as an appetite suppressant. Water also deals with water retention. It drops all the pounds that are caused by water weights. You have to stay hydrated during the rapid fat burning. It brings the burned fats out of your body. You can also enjoy hydration through soup or broth. You can make a broth out or chicken breast and lean beef meat. This is one way of curbing hunger while enjoying a guilt-free meal.
  • Follow the four phases of the HCG diet precisely- This means that you have to do and meet all the requirements in every step of the way. Carefully follow the protocol of the HCG diet for faster weight loss. Do not skip any phase of the HCG diet because it will ruin the process. Each phase of the HCG diet is a key in reaching your weight loss goal.
  • Weigh your meat in a raw state- Choose to have lean meat choice. It has a high level of protein that keeps your stomach full. It keeps fullness throughout the day and curbs hunger and cravings. Weigh the meat choices and even other foods before cooking. You also have to make sure that all the visible fats are taken out before cooking. You can choose all the cuts of lean meat such as chicken, pork and beef. Lean meat is important in maintaining healthy muscle and bone.
  • Use Stevia for all your sweetening needs- You have to ditch sugar during the entire process of the HCG diet. The only allowed as food sweetener is stevia. It is a natural sweetener that provides more sweetness than sugar. You can add stevia in the cup of tea and coffee. Stevia controls blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and fights against metabolic syndrome.
  • Choose organic products- These products have low calories and have a single ingredient. Organic food products are the safest foods you can have even if you are not doing the weight loss. Organic products such as vegetables and fruits have a high level of nutrients and minerals. You can also sue fresh herbs that will add flavor to your bland dishes. Organic products promote cleansing in your body from unhealthy food ingredients.

What are the things that are not allowed during the HCG diet?

  • Do not try other food that is not listed in the diet food list

The foods that are not listed in the HCG diet food list are the foods that may stop your weight loss. You must always refer to the diet food list for your meal. The foods that are in the food list are carefully chosen for faster weight loss. It will also help you in a successful transition to healthy eating and lifestyle.

  • Do not skip any meals

Skipping a meal can cause nutritional deficiency. It will also cause your body to get tired. Skipping meals can trigger your stress hormones to elevate. Thus, makes you eat too many unhealthy foods in your next meal. Every meal during the HCG diet is important. This is because each food choices play a big role not just in weight loss but also in your health.

  • Do not engage in heavy exercise

Engaging in heavy exercise as well can trigger your stress level to arise. The high-stress levels can trigger hormones in your body that can cause natural weight gain. Heavy exercise can also destroy the leanness of your muscles. Heavy exercise will also cause extreme tiredness and it consumes your energy. You are only allowed to do light-exercises such as yoga, walking or jogging. However, you are not allowed to do any exercise if you are tired or hungry.

  • No to cheat days

Cheating is the worst enemy of the HCG diet. Stay away from foods that are appealing because it might tempt you. You must stay away from the surroundings of tempting foods.  Cheat days will surely cause you to gain weight.