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The HCG diet is a weight loss plan that is along with a daily shot of the hormone. You will be incorporating a daily intake of 500 calories per day. Taking HCG every day can reduce feelings of hunger and promotes weight loss. It’s because the HCG will be redistributing body fat from the thighs, hips, and stomach. The hormone will reset your body’s metabolism and fix your abnormal eating habits.

The HCG acts fast in your weight loss. You do not need to follow other weight loss routine or exercise because the HCG is effective. However, some natural cycles will make you stop your HCG shots such as menstruation. You have to be aware that during menstruation, you have to stop having your HCG shots in the meantime. You have to wait until your period stops before you go back to your HCG shots.

Does HCG affect menstruation?

The cycle of the HCG can affect the heaviness of your period but it varies from one person to another. If you are taking HCG before your menstruation it can also affect the schedule. This means that your menstruation may come earlier than usual.

Your menstrual cycle will change depending on the number of fats in your body. It’s because the fat produces estrogen which is the regulator of menstruation. When your body produces more estrogen your menstrual cycle will change.

Does the HCG shot cause your menstruation to last longer?

The duration of the menstrual cycle depends on one person to the other. You may experience menstrual flow for 2 to 3 days or 3 to 5 days. The period of your menstrual cycle and the rate of weight loss during your period is normal. The progress will come back as soon as the HCG is active in your system. Changes in your menstrual cycle are also a sign that the HCG is working in your body.

Should you expect hunger during the menstrual cycle?

Hunger comes when you fail to maintain your HCG shots before your period. It is also possible when you are consuming unhealthy foods that trigger your appetite. Hunger can also come as an effect of the PMS. It can trigger your cravings and emotional starvation. Hunger will not occur if the hormone is in your system. The last shot of your HCG will remain active in your body for 72 hours.

When your period comes you must stop having your injections until day 3. Hunger will start to occur during the fourth or fifth day of your menstruation. When you feel hungry you can still have filling foods to eat that do not affect your diet. Resume having your injection when your period ends or when there are no spots.

Can the menstrual cycle cause weight gain during the HCG diet?

The rate of your weight loss may slow down when your period is coming. During the menstrual flow, you will see some weight gain. It’s because your body will tend to keep water during the cycle. These water weights will lead to water retention. It’s the reason why you can see weight gain every time your period comes. When the period ends your body will start to shed water weights. Thus, resumes your weight loss.