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Does the HCG Diet Affect Libido?

Does the HCG Diet Affect Libido?

The HCG diet is a known weight loss regimen for obese and overweight people. It is a combination approach of VLCD and the weight loss hormone every day. It helps in redistributing and burning fats without compromising your health.

Using HCG for weight loss is driving several controversies because it is a  pregnancy hormone. Most questions from some dieters and beginners are on its effect on the reproductive system or does it Affects libido. It is essential to know that the HCG you use during the HCG diet is a modified form of the pregnancy hormone to help weight loss. Its goal is to aid weight loss and improve your overall health.  Several reports that weight loss through the HCG diet can spikes up your sex drive.

HCG and Sex Drive

Using HCG for weight loss improves the production of testosterone in men. It controls the male’s sex drive and increases men’s libido. Women also experience changes in their sex drive while losing weight during the HCG diet. It is due to the changes in your body while using the HCG injection. As you lose weight, you will also feel more confident than you were. It contributes to the changes in libido and, HCG can also increase your energy.

Other Effects of HCG Diet in Men and Women

  • The HCG helps in curbing your appetite. When cutting your daily calorie intake, ensure that you couple it with HCG injections. It helps in keeping your calories down by suppressing your appetite. The HCG prevents hunger and manages your cravings during the VLCD.
  • The HCG can balance your hormones. Weight gain is often due to hormonal imbalances in the body. It is typical in women and, it can lead to health risks. Once you begin your HCG shots, it will also get your hormones on track and improve your overall health.
  • The HCG preserves your muscle mass. The HCG injections can burn your stubborn fats but leave your muscle behind. Unlike other weight loss plans, the HCG does not cause muscle loss and saggy skin after the process. It increases firmness and maintains the health of your muscle mass during rapid fat burning.
  • The HCG can boost your energy. The HCG reaches the stubborn fats in your body and releases them into the bloodstream. It converts the burned fats into an energy source during the VLCD. Your body uses them for functioning. The 500 calorie intake per day is enough to supply the nutrients and vitamins you need. The HCG pulls energy from the burned fats and not from the foods you eat.

Does HCG Diet Have Adverse Effects on your Libido?

There are no records about the HCG diet and its effects on libido. Most dieters lose weight and improve their sex drive through the HCG diet. In some cases, HCG can change the cycle and amount of your menstrual flow but, it does not affect your reproductive organ as a whole.

The Typical Side Effects of the HCG Diet are:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Hunger (during the first week of VLCD)
  • Abdominal pain
  • Sleeplessness