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What is cleansing?

Cleansing is a process of removing toxins and other harmful chemicals in your body. It can help in improving health. Cleansing your body comes with a proper plan to avoid side effects. It cleanses your body and allows the renewal of your cells. This process is also known as detoxification.

Does having your HCG leads to cleansing?

Maintaining your HCG shots allows you to lose a significant amount of weight. Maintaining your HCG shot is not directly responsible for body detox or cleansing. However, because of its rapid weight loss effects, it cleanses your body. Maintaining your HCG shots includes rapid fat burning during the VLCD. It allows your body to take a break from unhealthy food chemicals.

How is the HCG diet done?

The HCG diet is done along with medical supervision. The HCG diet limits your calorie intake to 500 calories per day. Along with this is the daily shot of the hormone.  During the VLCD you are only allowed to eat clean foods such as vegetables and fruits. You are not allowed to eat processed foods or any foods that contain too many ingredients. This only means that your body will have a break from receiving chemicals from processed foods. It gives your body time for cleansing and releasing toxins.  

Is HCG diet a detox or cleansing diet?

No. HCG diet is not a weight loss process for detoxification. However, its effects are similar to detoxification or cleansing. It flushes out fat toxins to boost your weight loss. The purpose of the HCG diet is to aid obese and overweight patients in natural weight loss.  Although you can experience cleansing with this diet you still have to be careful.

What is the difference between cleansing and HCG diet?

Cleansing can cause stress, loss of energy, low blood sugar, and other issues. You can do it even without a proper plan. It’s because your purpose in cleaning is to clear your body from toxins and not to lose weight. Cleansing also involves fasting or extreme calorie cut down.  The HCG diet on the other hand works differently. It allows your body to lose pounds while maintaining high energy levels.

The main goal of the HCG diet is for successful weight loss and resetting of your health. It cuts down your calorie intake but does not put your health at risk. The HCG diet can reduce the metabolic and physiological impact of toxins in your digestive tract.

Can you do cleansing and the HCG diet at once?

No. Cleansing and HCG diet must not be done all together because it consumes energy. It can also cause nutritional deficiency. Cleansing is not safe to do for a long period, unlike the HCG diet. Focus on doing your HCG diet alone. You do not have to incorporate other weight loss plans because the HCG diet is highly effective. Avoid doing detox or cleansing during the HCG diet period. You are only permitted to do a cleansing in 3 to 4 weeks before starting your HCG diet.