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You can have slipped in going through the aspect of the HCG diet. There can be a lot of wrong things that happen. This will cause diet stalls in the HCG diet duration. Make a list of the allowed things in the HCG diet. Be familiar with the diet protocol to at least avoid slip. Figure out why you slip up and what you can do about it. Find the areas that need improvement and start doing something for it. Following the HCG diet protocol is very helpful in such a situation.

Here are some of the major causes of stalls:

• Drinking beverages that are not allowed
• Wrong choice of sweetener of exercising too much
• Eating out on restaurants and food chains
• Failure to check the food list or food portioning
• Eating processed foods or using oil-based cosmetics

These are just some of the common factors that cause diet stalls. If you are not an effective dieter, you will really slip off. Sometimes you cannot explain why it happens. After a period of rapid weight loss, you suddenly experience a stall. You are no longer shedding pounds like you used to before. How on earth did that happen? There are some physiological explanations for this. Stalls are normal in the HCG diet. However, it will just last for 3 days. If it goes beyond the duration, there is something wrong with your lifestyle. Here are some steps to overcome stalls in the diet.

• Make sure to avoid the carbs- Even the most dedicated person can sometimes fall in carbs creep. They give in to carbs without realizing. This is maybe because they fail to have portion control. Follow the guide and be more aware of the carbs in each meal.

• Strategic weighing- Weigh yourself as possible as you can. On HCG diet it is instructed to weigh every morning. This is a big help in tracking the weight.

• Do not starve yourself- One of the reasons why there is diet stall is because of starvation. This is not a healthy practice, especially on the HCG diet. It is important to complete the meal for the body. Starvation will ruin the work of HCG hormones in the body. Skipping meals will just increase the odds in the metabolism.

Look beyond the numbers. There are more great things than your weight loss goal. Think of your body shape if you will succeed in the diet. This may help you in motivating yourself to pursue. Check your closet and look for the skinny jeans. Challenge yourself to do more on the diet. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate after you successfully lose weight. Do not focus more on the number of weight you want to lose. Rather, focus on the effect of HCG weight loss in the body.