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Watch out for your daily routine on Phase 2 of the HCG diet. There are things that you are usually doing that affect your weight loss. It makes HCG work slower than how it is supposed to work. The most important part is to watch out every time you cook or prepare your food. It’s because there are things that you are not completely paying attention to that may destroy your journey.

Be careful with some cooking habits or your traditional way of preparing foods. See to it that you follow the protocol step by step. It will help you avoid weight gains or weight loss barriers during the HCG diet. Take note that even the slightest mistake has an impact on your weight loss process. Avoid consuming items that are not allowed on your diet.

Cooking habits that sabotage your HCG shots

Cooking habit #1- Using excessive cooking oil

Be careful with delicious dishes because most of them contain more fats. Avoid the use of cooking oils and butter when you prepare your foods. As much as possible you have to use a non-stick pan to avoid adding oils to your food. You are also encouraged to grill, boil, or steam your foods instead of having them fried. 

Cooking habit #2- Not measuring ingredients

Have the right measuring equipment to avoid going too much. Do not measure food ingredients through your eyes only. Do not be too lazy to get a measuring cup or a spoon. Not measuring ingredients will lead to the overestimation of calories. The more you measure food ingredients by eye the more you are a risk of loading more calories. That’s why you are still gaining weight even if you are taking your shots.

Cooking habit #3- Making too many foods

Taking your HCG shots regularly will modify your appetite. This means that even you are eating less you stay full longer. If you make too much food you are more likely to gain weight. It’s because you are only allowed to have 500 calories per day. Making too much food will let you eat more and the rest will be gone wasted. Unless you can freeze your food leftovers for another time, cook meals that are enough for one sitting.

Cooking habit #4- Tasting foods while cooking

When you taste your food frequently while cooking you are already consuming calories little by little. Cook foods when your stomach is full to avoid this gesture. You can also have a light fruit snack before cooking to deal with the Have a light snack before cooking to deal with the temptation to pick on food ingredients.

Cooking habit #5- Using ready-made sauces

Ready-made sauces are the artificially made sauces. These are packed with artificial flavorings and too much preservative. You have to be careful with these ingredients because it directly affects the HCG in your system. Cook your meals ahead of time to plan the ingredients properly. Fill your food storage with healthy and HCG diet-approved ingredients. Ready-made sauces to make your meals tasty but it ruins your weight loss.