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A gym membership for two to three hours session is expensive. Buying workout apparatus are also expensive. A better way to lose weight and burn fats is the HCG diet. You can save time, money, and energy.  Aside from heavy works in the gym, you can do your exercise at home. You do not need some gym equipment to burn extra calories. It’s because there are simple activities that allow you to sweat during the HCG diet. For home exercise, you will need household items and enough energy to do it.

For a convenient workout at home you can do the following:

#1- Chair exercise: A chair is a common piece of furniture you can find at home. You can use it as your equipment for exercise. Use a chair to:

  • Sit to stand. It is an easy process. You just need the chair to support you as you sit and stand for 90 seconds. It is an easy and light activity you can do every day.
  • Incline push-ups. For this exercise, you have to put both hands on the chair and do the plank position. Ensure that your body is steady and straight then do the push-ups. Repeat the process for ninety seconds per session.
  • The chair leg exercise- Stand up straight and put the chair in your left. The back area of the chair must be facing you. Lift your right leg in front of you. Allow the chair to support your weight. Turn around and repeat the process.
  • Stretching. Put the chair away and bend your right knee in a ninety-degree position. Put your right foot in the chair in a curve position. You can do this for thirty seconds and change from time to time.

#2- Wall Exercise: Look for a place in your house where there is no other furniture so that you can easily bend and do some movements. Stand with your back to the wall and sit down making a squat position. Low down with your leg to make a ninety-degree position and hold for a minute.

#3- Bag of rice exercise: Do you have a bag of rice at home? You can use it as a substitute for a dumbbell. The weight of the bag is base on your preference. Use it in either your left or right hand. Start it by forwarding your knee and place your forearm on the top of your thigh to get some support. Keep your leg straight as you do the process twelve times.

#4- Triceps push-ups: Go to your kitchen counter and stand on your toes away. Place your hand on the counter a little closer with your shoulder-width apart. Lower your chest towards the kitchen counter and hold your body. Ensure that you maintain a straight position and your elbows must be close to your body. Do the push-ups and repeat the process for three minutes.

When you exercise, ensure that you are not tired or hungry to avoid energy loss. To maintain a proper posture, keep a straight body for healthy fitness.