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Stop yourself from overeating. This is one of the most common diet rules. If you are not careful with the foods you eat or on your eating style, you will gain weight. Most of our overeating habits are subconscious. It will take you too much effort and money to fix it. If you have struggled with overeating there are several things you can try. This will help you stay full and reduce the chance that you’ll have too many portions.

Overeating is considered as cheating when you are on the HCG diet. It is unhealthy and may cause failure on your weight loss journey. Too much food will make digestion longer because it requires your organs to work harder. Eating too much on unhealthy foods affects your digestive system. It also affects the stability of your body’s metabolism. This will also lead to a rapid storing of fats in various parts of your body.

What is overeating?

This is considered an eating disorder.  Overeating is commonly caused by stress. This is a way of your body to alleviate the stress level and find comfort through it. There are times that you eat not because you are hungry but because you need comfort. Eating too much food and prolonging the stress level will immediately cause weight gain. However, you can still do effective tips to control overeating during the HCG diet.

The effects of overeating during the HCG diet

Overeating will make you find hard to lose weight. You will also not lose a single pound at all and may waste your time and money on it. Overeating can make you feel uncomfortable, lack of energy and tired. This is because it can reset your digestion process and cause the rapid storing of fats. Overeating triggers your hunger hormone and stops you from losing weight. You can still prevent its effect through the apple or the steak day. The apple and steak day is known as the weight gain corrector that will get you back on your diet track.

How to control overeating during the HCG diet?

  • Do not eat instant foods or packed foods

Packed foods will lead you to eat more foods that you need. Do not purchase the foods that packed straight from the box. Check the food labels in each purchase. See to it that it does not have sugar and other unhealthy ingredients on it. As much as possible go to the market where you can buy organic and freshly picked products. It has a higher nutritional value that packed food products in the grocery store. You must be aware of the caloric requirements of your body during the HCG diet.

  • Control your stress level

You must find ways to lower your stress level. Do not let your high-stress level lasts for a long time. Make sure that you know the ways to control it especially during the HCG diet. This is because you will likely gain weight naturally if your stress is prolonged. Stress drives up the levels of hormones that trigger your appetite. High-stress levels lead you to eat an excessive amount of food. Eating too much is an unhealthy way of giving your mind comfort. 

  • Be mindful in eating

Being mindful signifies the importance of focus during mealtime. Be aware of your thoughts, senses, and emotions while you eat. It is because you cannot eat when you are emotionally stressed. Mindful eating lowers unhealthy eating behaviors. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly and make it as your routine. Eating mindfully allows you to focus on being aware of thought s and senses while eating.

  • Choose the foods that are rich in fiber

Fiber-rich foods can help in digestion and proper weight loss. It is more satisfying and you will stay full longer. Fiber also reduces your urge to eat too much. Load more on fruits or vegetables during your HCG diet to lower the amount of food you consume daily. You can refer to the HCG diet food list for your food options. Track your food portions and daily weigh in as much as possible.

  • Administer the exact dose of HCG

The HCG works in curbing hunger and cravings. It resets your metabolism and uses the burned fats as your energy source. You cannot do the rest of the HCG diet without the diet hormones. Administer it at the same time each day to avoid weight gain and other complications.  This is the reason why you do not need to eat too much food during fat burning.

  • Avoid unhealthy food indulgences

Anything that you indulge in unhealthily can affect your HCG diet. That is why you have to avoid unhealthy food choices. The HCG diet only allows whole foods for the entire duration. Make sure that you do not indulge in high-calorie foods such as pizza, burger, and pasta. You can still enjoy a delicious treat by loading healthy food choices. The whole foods are helpful in weight loss. Fill your stomach with low-calorie and fiber-rich foods.

  • Avoid skipping your meal

Eating your meal has a big help in maintaining your health and supporting your weight loss during the HCG diet. You still have to eat in a controlled manner. Do not skip your meal but you have to control your food portions.  Eating at mealtime will lower your risk of getting a hunger for the whole day.

  • Choose protein-rich foods

Protein from lean meat promotes your feeling of fullness longer. Eating high protein meals lowers your desire to eat too much. It can also stop you from snacking unhealthy foods later of the day. Protein is also one of the most important nutrients that help you maintain your weight loss.  It is filling and healthy during the HCG diet. Protein-rich foods stave off hunger and maintain healthy muscle and bones during weight loss.

  • Drink a lot of water

Water boost skin health and it cushions your brain and spine. It will also curb hunger that will possibly lead to emotional stress. Water is also responsible for distributing food nutrients all over your body. Water flushes body waste and maintains healthy blood pressure levels. You can also substitute sugarless coffee and tea to stay hydrated.