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Cheats on the HCG Diet that Results in Weight Loss Stalls

Cheats on the HCG Diet that Results in Weight Loss Stalls

When on the HCG diet, follow the protocol to reach your weight loss goal. It involves low-calorie intake in the combination of the daily shots. The protocol includes specific options of your food choices. You can enjoy treats from healthy food groups like:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Lean meats
  • Fish
  • Approved condiments and spices
  • Approved seasonings
  • Strict compliance carbs

Keep the 500 calorie intake per day on the HCG diet to prevent weight gain. Avoid cheating on your meals as it slows down your progress.

What if you cheat during the HCG diet?

Cheating on your meals does not mean you have to start the process again. If you cheat, you can follow some guidelines to bounce back to the track. But, this is not something you can do every day or whenever you want. Cheating on the HCG diet results in weight gain and ruins the process.

What is cheating on the HCG diet?

Anything that is not in the protocol is cheating. Be careful with small mistakes as it has payback on your progress. Cheating on the protocol slows down your weight loss or gain back the weight that you lose.

Here are some cheats on the HCG protocol that results in weight loss stalls:

  1. Alcohol. Drinking alcoholic beverages during the VLCD makes it hard to lose weight. Alcoholic drinks have loads of calories that result in fat deposition. When you drink alcohol during the HCG diet, it results in nutritional deficiencies.
  2. Starchy foods. Avoid eating pasta, bread, and baked goods during the HCG diet. Rice and potatoes are also not allowable as it results in weight loss stalls. Starchy foods have loads of calories that ruin your HCG diet.
  3. Processed meats. The saturated fats in processed products raise your blood sugar levels.  It triggers your appetite and leads to binge eating. Processed meats increase your risk of having heart disease and strokes. It can also result in weight loss stalls during the HCG diet.
  4. Junk foods. Bagels, cookies, pastries, and packed foods can ruin your weight loss.  They contain excessive amounts of ingredients that work against the HCG. Junk foods result in memory loss and poor brain function. Eating junk foods during the diet lowers your metabolic rate and results in a weight-loss stall.
  5. Animal fat-based products. Using creams and lotions that have animal fat in the ingredient can stall your weight loss. The skin is the largest organ in your body that serves as protection. It absorbs the fats from creams and lotions that you apply during the VLCD. The items you are rubbing in are one of the causes of weight loss stalls.

How to avoid cheating on the HCG diet?

Avoid cheating and food temptations by removing the unhealthy foods from your storage.  Drink lots of water to stave off chemicals that trigger your appetite. Avoid a prolonged hunger as it leads you to eat a lot on your next meal. Take your HCG shots every day to curb starvation and improve your fullness.