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There are ways to correct cheating on the HCG diet. Cheating on your HCG diet is a harmful act that will affect your weight loss. Cheating comes not only by eating too much but also when you fail to follow the diet protocol. Cheating on your HCG diet can lead to major complications. It does not just affect your weight loss journey. It will also ruin the weight loss activities of your body during your HCG diet.

The ways you can do after you cheat on the HCG diet

These steps are not created for you to cheat on your diet over and over again.

  1. You can do an apple a day or steak day

These steps are the solution when you gain weight after you cheat on the HCG diet. The apple a day is the way of eating 6 apples for the whole day. This will help in detoxifying your body from the effects of cheating. Monitor your weight everyday by weighing every morning.

The Steak day, on the other hand, is a lean protein loading. The steak day is when you eat nothing all day and have a big portion of meat at dinner. You can also incorporate an apple or tomato in your steak meal. You have to drink as much water as you can during the daytime to wash out all excess calories. Coffee or tea is also allowed during the correction days. Make sure that they are free from sugar.

  • Create a plan

If you intentionally cheat on your diet make sure to have a plan. You have to plan for your meals that can help in keeping out extra calories. Have a proper plan in having your HCG recipe. Load more on fiber to boost your metabolism. This will take you back on the track of your weight loss.

You also have to create a plan if you want to restart on your diet protocol. Restarting the HCG diet involves 6-week rest. Continue to drink and eat healthy meals during your 6-week rest. This is to help your body in preparing for the VLCD. Your 6-week rest also allows you to increase your time of exercise to help in burning calories.

  • Drink plenty of water

It does not just help in restarting your diet but also in cleansing your colon. Water can also improve your digestion and metabolism. Water flushes out body waste and it maintains healthy blood pressure. This is also helpful in boosting skin health. Water plays a big role in the phases of the HCG diet.