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Carb Options on the HCG Diet: Melba Toast and Grissini Breadsticks

Carb Options on the HCG Diet: Melba Toast and Grissini Breadsticks

Carbs are compounds from foods that help in maintaining your health. The body uses calories from carbs to perform biological functions. They are one of the known macronutrients that you get from various food choices.

Carbs on the HCG Diet, is it Permissible?

Carbs are not permissible on the second phase of the HCG diet except for Melba toast and Grissini breadsticks. It is because too much carb intake does not work well with the weight loss hormone. Carbs are healthy but, too much of them are leading causes of obesity and weight gain. One of the reasons why you cannot eat an excessive amount of carbs on the HCG diet is because it stimulates your appetite.

Whys Melba Toast and Grissini Breadstick Allowable on the HCG Diet?

Surprisingly, there is an exemption of carbs for the HCG diet. When you look at the food list, you can see that you need to eat two breadsticks or per meal during the VLCD. The Melba toast and breadstick are food items that complete the 500 calorie allocation for your Phase 2.

Melba toast is one of the typical choices for many HCG dieters and, they are accessible in the market. It is a toasted bread that has low-calorie and, it is cheaper per serving than Grissini. Ensure you follow the three-hour interval between eating them on your VLCD.

What is with melba Toast and Grissini Breadsticks?

The toast and breadsticks that you will eat on the HCG diet do not have a soft dough. It has the same consistency as crackers but in small size.  It only means that it has low calories and does not interfere with the HCG in burning your fats. A single Grissini breadstick has about ten calories which are permissible on the low-calorie phase. You can also skip these options and substitute them with fruits and vegetables.

When can you have the Melba Toast and Grissini breadsticks on your HCG Diet Meal?

You can eat two breadsticks or toast per day as permissible on the diet protocol. You can incorporate them in your lunch and dinner meal or separate them. You can eat one Grissini or toast in the morning before your lunch as a combination of a fruit serving. You can have the other one in the mid-afternoon as your snack. You can also eat the two breadsticks in the morning along with your breakfast coffee.

Since you are on a low-fat and low-calorie phase on the HCG diet, these carb options compensate for the carb requirements in your body. It is helpful as they are low in calories and do not contain other harmful ingredients. Ensure that you are eating more than what is allowable.

Regardless of the choice you make, keep in mind that these play a role in the HCG diet. You can substitute them with light calorie options but inform your doctor first. Opt for gluten-free breadsticks in the store to avoid weight gain. If you follow the modern VLCD of the HCG diet, you can eat more carb options.