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Can you Use the HCG Meal Plan Without Taking the HCG Injections?

Can you Use the HCG Meal Plan Without Taking the HCG Injections?

The HCG diet is a combination protocol of very low-calorie intake and daily shots of HCG. It is straightforward to burning body fats and increasing your energy level during the VLCD. By following the HCG diet protocol, you can reach maximum weight loss. It also helps your body survive on the VLCd without hunger issues.

The HCG forces your body to release fats in hard-to-reach parts of the body. When you combine VLCD and HCG, you can see promising results in the program. The VLCD on the HCG diet contains healthy food options. It does not compromise your health or deprive you of enjoying foods. During the HCG Diet, you will have healthier options and substitute from permissible food groups.

Is the VLCD Permissible Without Taking the HCG Injections?

No. Avoid following the VLCD meal plan when you are not using HCG. It will compromise your health and result in nutrients deficiency. VLCD is dangerous when nothing is assisting your body in maintaining the nutritional supply every day. It can cause muscle loss, fatigue, and unhealthy eating habits.

The goal of combining HCG and VLCD is to help you establish healthy eating discipline. It also improves your relationship with food.  The VLCD assists the HCG in detoxifying your body from constantly receiving unhealthy food chemicals. Most people lose weight by cutting down their calorie intake. Likewise, the 500 calorie intake helps you lose weight. But, you will gain them back when you are not using HCG injections.

The HCG can increase your energy levels when you are doing the VLCD. It burns fats and converts them into fuel. You can use your energy for extra activities but, keep them in low-intensity on the VLCD. Avoid using the VLCD plan without taking the HCG injections to prevent exhaustion. It will slow down your progress and can lead to other health concerns.

What does the HCG diet VLCD Include?

The VLCD during the HCG diet contains healthy treats and foods that are nutrient-loaded. It helps in maintaining the proper supply of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to your body. During the VLCD, you can eat protein, vegetables, fruits, and other permissible treats. You can also include exercise during the second phase but keep them in low-intensity.

What Happens to Your Body During the VLCD on the HCG diet?

Your body will start to reset and release fats into your bloodstream. You can experience rapid weight loss and almost zero-hunger. The VLCD can change your lifestyle and helps you make better choices to improve your overall health. The HCG resets the hypothalamus gland and increases your metabolism. It prevents you from overeating. Most of the dieters on the HCG diet program do not experience difficulty in maintaining satiety.

Generally, using the VLCD meal plan when you are not using the HCG can compromise your health. Ensure that you are using the HCG injections every day to ensure rapid weight loss. Stick to a whole and organic food choices to boot your weight loss.