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Pursuing your fitness goals needs a lot of commitment. Your commitment will be your key to get up in case you fall off. Quitting on the HCG diet is not allowed unless you absolutely have to. But before anything else you have to talk first to your diet doctor or medical provider. Your medical provider will give you further advice and steps that will help you get back to dieting whenever you are ready.

Quitting on the HCG diet without any valid reason is not allowed. It is because it can cause hormonal issues in your body. If you stop the HCG diet early you will only have less weight loss. This is not allowed especially during the very low-calorie diet. You have to remind yourself of your weight loss goal to get motivated.

When are you allowed to quit on the HCG diet?

There are also several situations that you will need to quit dieting. You can quit if you have illnesses that need immediate medical attention. You can also stop your diet if you fail to administer the HCG regularly and cause weight loss issues. However, these reasons are just short term or temporary and you can get back soon. Take note that you need to repeat the whole process of the diet if you quit for a long period.

Women should take a break in using the HCG during menstruation

You should be careful in taking a break on the HCG injections during menstruation. But you have to continue to follow the HCG diet even without the hormones. This is because your body produces higher amounts of progesterone during your period. This can impact the progress and mechanism of HCG in your body. It is never a good idea to maintain the HCG injection but sticking to the VLCD is needed. Water retention is also possible during menstruation which may lead to hormonal fluctuations.

Things you can do to avoid stopping the HCG diet quickly

  • You should do everything you can to avoid quitting on the HCG diet. This weight loss process is not hard to follow. HCG diet does not require you to give all your energy to work out and gym sessions.
  • You have to obey everything on the diet protocol. During the P2 of the HCG diet, you only have to accomplish the daily calorie requirement. Resume the injection quickly when your period is gone.
  • If you cannot see any progress on your weight loss you have to assess all your actions. Instead of planning to quit, you can do some weight loss boosting techniques.
  • You can also introduce a new routine rather than being stuck in one routine for the entire period. You can accompany exercise, or you can cook your meal to avoid boredom.
  • As an alternative quit on your unhealthy habits rather than quitting on the HCG diet. This is because of the unhealthy habits you have are the common barriers to losing weight.
  • Track your weight loss every day. Seeing the results of the HCG diet will motivate you to do more. Step into the weighing scale every morning before you administer your HCG dose.