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Fruits are sources of dietary fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. It supplies nutrients to your body to maintain health. Fruits also provide a wide range of immune system booster. It helps fight against free radicals and infections. During the second phase of the HCG diet, you can eat fruits that are on the food list. Phase 2 of the HCG diet limits your fruit intake only to those items that do not interfere with the HCG.

Can you mix fruits during the HCG diet?

You cannot mix vegetables during the HCG diet. Can you not mix fruits as well? The answer is NO. The whole daily ration of two fruits per day on your VLCD is a part of the 500 calorie meal. When you mix fruits in one meal you are more likely to gain calories. You can eat a handful of berries but not eat them along with a whole apple or orange

Do not eat all at once the whole daily ration of two breadsticks and two fruits. There is no exact reason behind this but it is believed that you will tend to gain calories when you mix fruits. You have to make the mixing of vegetables as the basis of this speculation. Instead of mixing fruits, you can eat 1 type of fruit per meal during the VLCD.

Does mixing fruits during the VLCD can cause weight gain?

The direct result when you mix fruits is you will be depositing more calories in your body. Calorie deposition will make your body to convert them into fats. That is why you can see a spike in your weight on the scale. When you eat mixed fruit every day there is a possibility that you will gain weight.

Can you eat fruits along with vegetables and protein on VLCD?

On your VLCD meal, you must have a portion of fruit, vegetable, and lean protein. This means that you can eat them all together as long as you follow the proper food portioning. Consume 10grams of lean meat, 1 whole fruit, and 1 serving of vegetables. Chew your foods slowly to give your body and ease to digestion.

Can you skip fruits on VLCD of the HCG diet?

Skipping the foods that you are not hungry for is allowed. It is not on the original protocol but if you are not hungry at all you can skip some foods. The HCG controls your appetite which makes the 500 calories per day more than enough for you. You can skip the fruit choice but do not skip the protein. It is important to maintain satiety even in the low-calorie intake.

How to skip fruits on Phase 2 of the HCG diet? When you skip fruits do not stop it right away. Start by cutting slowly your fruit intake. For example, during lunch, you can only eat half of the whole. You can eat ½ part of an apple, orange, or grapefruit. On the next day, you can have a little until you completely skip them. If you feel hungry you have to get back to proper meal structure right away. Do not prolong hunger to avoid eating too much