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Protein is a macronutrient vital for building muscle mass. It plays a role in the body during weight loss. To grow body cells, you need protein. It allows your body to operate the development of your body during weight loss. Some sources of proteins are:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Legumes
  • dairy products
  • Some vegetables

The role of protein during the HCG diet

During the HCG diet, protein starts to renew your cells. It boosts your metabolism. Eating protein during the HCG diet reduces appetite. It also helps regulate the hormones in your body. Protein keeps your stomach full until your next meal. It prevents cravings and other weight-loss pitfalls. Protein helps you lose weight by sending thermogenic effects that lead to fat burning.

Can you have protein shakes during the HCG diet?

Yes. Protein shakes are permissible. But, avoid items that contain sugar and starch. If you want to substitute meats with shakes, you will need a lot. Protein shakes products contain 20 grams of high-value protein. The daily requirement during the HCG diet is 200 grams. To manage the diet protocol, you need more sources of protein.

For your body to operate during the HCG diet, you will need natural protein sources. It is better to get protein from vegetables and lean meats. Be careful with meal replacement during the HCG diet. Talk to your doctor if you want to include some protein shakes in your diet.

Can you use protein shakes as a substitute for fruit snacks on the HCG diet?

No. Your body needs more nutrients other than protein. There is some nourishment you can get from fruits and vegetables. You need to eat fruits to boost your metabolism. They contain complex fiber and vitamins. When you replace fruits with protein shakes, you will miss vital nutrients. Be careful in purchasing protein shakes. Most of them are harmful to the HCG diet.

Can you eat protein shakes after a light workout?

When you exercise, ensure that you are not tired o hungry. Protein shakes are allowable but, it is not enough. Eat a bowl of protein-rich vegetables instead of digging into shakes. Protein shakes are not a replacement for the nutrients you can get from fresh foods. As part of the HCG diet, you still need to consume fruits and vegetables.

Does the HCG diet has strict recommendations for protein sources?

The HCG diet has strict references on what kind of meal substitutes you should eat. Ensure that it is on the HCG diet food list. Avoid resulting in nutritional deficiencies. When you follow a vegan regimen, the HCG diet has specific options for you. Avoid eating protein bars and processed meats. Dairy products are not allowable during the HCG diet.

Amount of protein you need during the HCG diet

Eat at least 200 grams of protein per day during the HCG diet. You can get them from meats. Spinach is also rich in protein and offers fiber and vitamins. Ensure that you are not cooking them in oil or butter.