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Can You Have Oatmeal on the HCG Diet?

Can You Have Oatmeal on the HCG Diet?

Oatmeal is an atypical breakfast choice in the US. It is easy to grab a meal during tight schedules and, it also has benefits. Oatmeals are affordable than resorting to buffets and treats in restaurants. It has loads of fiber and nutrients than other grains.

As you lose weight, look for food choices that contain low calories and are rich in fiber. It helps in increasing satiety and holds your appetite for the next meal. The typical choice for high fiber is oatmeal. It contains insoluble fiber that maintains weight and prevents overeating.

Can You Have oatmeal on the HCG Diet?

Yes. Oatmeals are permissible in the HCG diet plan but, ensure to stick to the low-calorie choices. Watch out for the toppings you add in oatmeals because you have limited food choices during the VLCD. You can eat oatmeal during the second phase of the HCG diet but, it is not something you can have every day. You can eat oatmeal before and after incorporating an exercise routine. Ensure that you stick to the 500 calorie diet per day.

Reasons Why You Need to Add Oatmeal to Your HCG Diet Meal:

  1. Oats are nutritious. They are sources of vitamin B, fiber, and minerals. It retains the nutrients even though the processing and cooking methods affect its texture. Oats contain manganese that is beneficial for metabolism, growth, and development. It can also improve bone health and prevents thyroid problems. Oats contain zinc that boosts cognitive function and boosts your immune system.
  2. Oats improve satiety.  It improves your gut health and prevents you from binge-eating. They have beta-glucan that increases fullness during the VLCD. Eating oats during the HCG diet can help you lower your calorie intake and manage your eating habits.
  3. Oats lower blood cholesterol. Beta-glucan can reduce unhealthy cholesterol and improves the flow of nutrients in your body. It can also reduce your risk of having heart disease because oats are not fatty.
  4. Oats can improve your blood sugar. Oats can also delay the occurrence of hunger and prevents the deposition of fats. Diabetes is a disease linking to obesity. It is a health concern due to abnormal insulin response. 

Healthy Toppings For Your Oatmeal

  • Nuts. You can have a handful of nuts during the first two days of taking your hCG injections. Avoid eating nuts during the VLCD to maintain your low-calorie intake. You can have pumpkin seeds, walnut, pistachios, and sesame seeds.
  • Vegetables. Yes, vegetables are also edible as oatmeal toppings. You can have a nutritious meal from green and leafy choices. You can add some carrots and lettuce to your meal. Stick to the 500 calorie intake per day. Track your food intake to avoid weight gain during the VLCD.
  • Fruits. It can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings without adding more calories to your diet. You can add chopped apples and berries to your oatmeal. Fruit contains antioxidants and vitamins that improve your overall health. They also contain fiber that can suppress your appetite.