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The HCG diet is a safe weight loss regimen for individuals that are seeking for a natural weight loss aid. This weight loss regimen involves a natural hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The hormone comes in a form of an injection that you have to administer every day. Along with the daily shot of the HCG injection is the VLCD. This process will help you lose weight faster without any surgeries or gym sessions.

What is an apple day?

The apple day is a weight loss corrector on the HCG diet. Using the apple day technique you can bounce back to your weight-loss track. You can do this step if your weight remains the same for three days. The apple day will flush excess water in your body. It will break through weight-loss plateaus that you experience during the VLCD.

Can you do the “apple a day” on Phase 2 of the HCG diet?

Perform the apple day during the VLCD when your weight remains the same for 3 days. The apple day will help you balance the calories in your body. It will help you restart your weight loss and allow the hormone to work back. This process will also help your body in flushing food toxins.

How will you do the apple day during the VLCD?

Do not consume other foods aside from apple starting at lunchtime. You can only have your regular foods at noontime on the next day. You have to consume at least six apples and maintain hydration. Only drink water when you are thirsty but avoid drinking the 2 liters all at once. Aim to spread the 6 apples for 24 hours while maintaining your HCG shots.

Why do you need to break a weight loss plateau during the VLCD?

You need to break a weight loss plateau to be able to proceed to reach your weight loss goal. If you will not break a plateau there is a risk that you will gain back your weight. A weight-loss plateau can happen when you fail to follow the diet protocol. It can also because of water weights during menstruation or excess food calories.

What kind of apple is best for the “Apple day” on the HCG diet?

You can consume any type or variety of apples. The best option is organic products to gain more nutrients. Limit your intake to six apples to prevent hunger. Avoid apple fruits that already go through processing. Do not eat dehydrated apple fruits, apple chips, and apple desserts, baked, or fried apples. Aim for fresh apples to get more nutrients and exact calories for your VLCD.

The result when you do the “Apple day” on the HCG diet

You will experience an instant leap of plateaus and weight gain. It will perform the elimination of water weights. You will start to drop several pounds and you will return to the normal HCG diet routine. As soon as you break plateaus and weight gain, your normal weight loss will continue. Take note that doing the apple day is only when your experience plateaus and sudden weight gain.