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Some HCG dieters are taking medications while doing the HCG protocol. Some medicines for high blood or cholesterol are allowable as long as your doctor allows you. Allow your physician to evaluate yourself to see if you are fit for the diet protocol. Some medications can lead to weight loss stalls. Talk to your doctor about the HCG protocol before you start taking your shots.

Losing a large amount of weight can reduce your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. It is a domino effect of the diet if you adhere to the protocol. Avoid steroids, hormone replacements, and other medications to prevent stalls.

Can you continue taking your medications during the HCG diet?

Taking medications is permissible in some cases. HCG permits medications for hypertension if it subjects to lifetime maintenance. But, ensure that you inform your doctor about the HCG diet. Talk to your doctor about how the hormone works in your body to set some limitations. Observe precautions when you are taking medications for:

  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Chronic conditions
  • Hormonal medications

Can you take vitamins during the HCG diet?

During the VLCD, you can take vitamin D and calcium. You can also take vitamin C. Ensure that the supplements you are taking do not have ingredients that stop the HCG. All other vitamins are not allowed to ensure fast weight loss.

What about taking antibiotics during the HCG diet?

Infections require antibiotic treatment. During the HCG diet, you can take them when your doctor prescribes them. Make sure that it does not affect your progress. Be careful with creams because most of them have oil products. Apply the least possible amount. When you need emergency treatment, it is better to take a break from HCG shots.

Can you take medications for asthma and allergy?

For asthma, you can take cortisone. It helps improve your situation when you are on the HCG diet. Avoid the triggers of asthma and allergies to prevent medications. Medications for asthma and allergies have side effects on the success of your HCG diet. Take them when the situation is urgent.

Can you take weight loss pills while doing the HCG diet?

The answer is NO. Weight loss pills and supplements can affect the HCG. You do not need them because the HCG can work fast in burning your fats. Weight loss pills can slow down your progress. It can also cause weight gain and imbalances of hormones in your body. Stick to the diet hormone until you achieve your goals. Pills and other weight loss supplements cannot help you suppress your appetite.

Does HCG diet protocol permit flu medications?

HCG diet permits flu medication if the situation is urgent. Flu can happen anytime but, you can avoid them if your immune system is healthy. Opt for natural remedies when you have flu during the HCG diet. Drinking lots of water and a healthy diet can help alleviate flu symptoms. You can also take vitamin C or ginger tea. But, if you see signs of COVID-19, seek medical attention right away.