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The HCG injections are the most common form used by HCG dieters to lose weight. It is a straightforward form of HCG that acts directly on your fats. The HCG injection contains the proper mixture of the diet hormone to boost your weight loss. The timing of having the HCG injection matters most. It is because your weight loss depends on your HCG shots. You have to maintain your HCG shots at the same time each day for faster weight loss.

Can you have your HCG shots right before bed?

Having the HCG shots right before bed does not change how the hormone works. You won’t have any issues in injection the HCG before bedtime. However, there are cases that some unwanted side effects may occur.  It can cause a lack of sleep or alertness. Although it does not occur all at once you still have to be careful with it.

What will happen if you take your HCG shots before bedtime?

Taking your HCG shots right before bed increases your energy levels. This is because the HCG takes effect in your system in burning more fats and converting it into energy. You can do this if your work is for the night shift so that you can still get proper sleep in the morning. Take note that you should not alter your injection schedules.

When is the best time to have your HCG shots?

Most of the dieters recommend having your shots in the morning. It is done right after your daily weigh-ins or as soon as you get up from the bed. The reason why you have to do it in the morning is that everything is still fresh. You are still free from hectic schedules and you can still do anything including exercise. Taking the HCG shots in the morning will jump-start your metabolism.

Where can you inject the HCG for weight loss?

You can inject the HCG in your thigh, belly, butt, or shoulder. Locate the fattiest part of your body to avoid pain during injection. The HCG can be administered subcutaneously. It is a process of inserting the injection in between your skin and fat tissue. Maintain cleanliness on or before administering your HCG shots.

Why does the purity of the HCG dosage matter?

The purity of the HCG matters most to be able to lose weight faster. You have to check the color of the hormones before administering it. It will help you avoid having hormonal issues. You have to be careful in buying your HCG injections to avoid low-quality HCG. Make sure to purchase it from approved HCG-providers. This will guarantee that the HCG is effective for your weight loss.

What are the side effects of the wrong HCG products?

The wrong HCG products will compromise your health. It does not cause weight loss and may lead to the risk of diseases. The HCG products that are not labeled properly can cause allergic reactions to sensitive people. Avoid the wrong products to prevent receiving wrong active ingredients, banned substances, and the wrong dosage.