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The HCG releases bad fats into your bloodstream during the low-calorie intake. It helps obese people in losing weight through a natural and safe method. HCG diet also can lead to various changes in the physiological aspect of a person. These changes can help in weight reduction without harming your body. Thus, helps you develop an eating discipline and lifestyle.

The rapid weight loss is possible through the proper intake of the HCG dose every day. You can start with an HCG dose of 125ius. Administer it once a day regardless of your weight or gender. But, there are some cases that you will need to increase your HCG dose. A small increase in your HCG dose is beneficial. Make sure that you will inform our diet doctor before adjusting your HCG dose.

Can you adjust the dose of HCG?

Adjust the dose of your HCG shots through the provision of the diet doctor. Do not adjust it abruptly without the proper information. When you adjust your HCG dose it will help you lose more weight. Make sure that you are maintaining the 500 calorie intake per day. You can increase your HCG dose up to 150ius depending on your weight loss goal.

Adjusting your HCG dose can lessen the occurrences of hunger. The reason why you feel hungry even when you maintain the HCG is not having the proper dosage. Consider increasing the dose of HCG for it to work in your system. Increase your HCG dose a little to take care of the hunger.

The benefits of having the right dose of HCG

Taking the optimum dose of HCG can fuel your body during the VLCD. It makes you feel like you have enough energy for weight loss. It can also boost your weight loss and suppresses your appetite. When you feel constant hunger, try raining the dose of your HCG and track your weight loss every day.

Can you adjust your HCG dose in the modern protocol of VLCD?

Regardless of what protocol you are following you can adjust your HCG dose. Hunger or weakness is always a bad sign when you are on the HCG diet. It is a sign that the HCG dose is not enough or it does not work well in your system. One way to end this is to increase your dose so that it can reprogram your hypothalamus. Consume more healthy and filling foods to avoid hunger. Avoid eating processed and calorie-loaded foods during Phase 2 of the HCG diet.

Can you increase your calorie intake while adjusting your HCG dose?

You cannot increase your calorie intake. Maintain the 500 calorie intake per day when you follow the original protocol of the HCG diet. You also have to remain eating 800 calories per day when you follow the modern approach of the HCG diet. You can only adjust the HCG dose but not with the calories you consume each day. Adjust your HCG dose by following the protocol. Avoid self-dosing because too many doses may also lead to weight loss issues.