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First of all, you need to understand the reason why you have to take a break during the HCG diet. Taking a break during the HCG diet must only for emergency purposes. There are guides on when and how you will do it. Most of the dieters that took a break from the HCG shots are women during their menstrual period.

Can men take a break from having the HCG shots?

Breaks are for emergency purposes. Men can take a break from having HCG when you have other health concerns. You can stop having the shots if you have a medical emergency that involves your health. For example, is when you have diseases or you need to undergo surgeries. Taking a break must go through proper planning to avoid weight loss struggles. If you are planning to take a break sooner you have to inform your doctor.

How an interruption or break from the HCG shot is done for men?

You have to plan or make sure that you take a break for emergency reasons. It’s because when you will take a break to cheat on foods you can gain more weight. In your break period, you have to increase your intake of calories to 800 per day. You can only eat when you are hungry. You can only take a break from having your HCG shots for less than a week. Having breaks longer might lead you back to restarting the diet.

When can you start taking a break from your HCG shots?

Men can take a break from HCG shots after the 20 consecutive days of administering the injections. You have to be careful in doing this because you are prone to gaining weight. Administer the last dose of HCG in the morning and do the 500 calories for the following 2 days. Start increasing your calorie intake on the third day. As you can see, your meal style during the break period is like the Phase 3 style. The purpose of this is to prevent you from overeating.

Are males are prone to weight gain during the break period?

Regardless of the gender when you do not follow the protocol of the HCG diet you will gain weight. The best thing you can do during the break period is to avoid sugar and carbs. You must also avoid the major culprits of weight gain such as eating processed food. If you eat sugar and carbs, make sure to lose it before going back to your HCG shots.

Does HCG still work the same for men after taking a break?

The hormone that you use for weight loss is already found in men. It is present in every human regardless of gender. This only means that the HCG can still work the same as how it is before you took the break period. You can administer back your HCG shots as long as the break period does not last for 2 to 3 weeks. The progress of your weight loss remains the same as long as you follow the 500 calorie intake per day.