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Protein is one of the most important nutrients for weight loss. It will aid in achieving a better-looking body. Protein intake can help in boosting the metabolism. It also controls the appetite and changes the weight-regulating hormones. Proteins are helpful in weight loss and burning belly fats. It will help the HCG diet hormones in various mechanisms. The effects of protein to weight loss are undeniably helpful.

It changes the level of the hormones that regulate the brain. The weight is controlled by the brain. It has something to do in the hypothalamus. The brain determines when and how to eat. It sends multiple signals and message in the body. This is the reason why we identify hunger. It will signal the response to hunger. It will also allow us to know the feeding response of the body. The HCG target the brain and allow the resetting of the metabolism. It also changes the appetite of a person.

The intake of protein will reduce appetite. This is proven in several ways in the HCG dieter. The protein choice can reduce hunger and will keep you full until the next meal. It also boost several safety hormones. Protein is a replacement of crabs during the diet. It causes a major reduction in hunger and cravings. The protein can help in loading fewer calories. It will work automatically as the main goal is to keep the stomach full.

Protein helps in burning calories

It burns calories while the body is digesting and metabolizing. The high intake of protein will boost metabolism. This increases the number of calories that are burned. HCG diet allows protein choices such as beef, chicken meat, and white fish. However, the fats in the meat must be removed before cooking. The exact portion of the protein choice is allowed. Be careful with the food portion especially on protein choices on VLCD. High content of protein can burn up to 100 calories each day. This is a big help to the HCG diet hormones in burning calories.

The loading of protein on the HCG diet is done during lunch and dinner. There is an exact portion for the VLCD. ON the loading phase you can eat as much protein as you want. The loading of such amount on Phase 1 is to prepare the body. The 500 calorie diet is only effective in the duration of Phase 2. After Phase 2, you can already add more amounts to your meal. However, sugar and carbs are not allowed.