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Battling Hypertension on the HCG Diet

Battling Hypertension on the HCG Diet

Hypertension is a weight-related disease that you can experience as you get older. Obesity can cause high blood pressure due to the extra fat and the increase of vascular resistance. It gives a lot of work to your heart in pumping blood. When you have existing hypertension, ensure to visit your doctor regularly during the HCG diet. Inform your diet doctor about your medication before you start administering the HCG shots for weight loss.

How Does the HCG Help in Battling Hypertension?

The HCG works straightforward in burning your fats by resetting your metabolic rate. It leads to rapid fat loss and balances your hormones. Weight loss reduces your risk of weight-related diseases. The HCG reduces the unhealthy cholesterol in your blood that can cause hypertension.

Weight loss through the HCG diet also improves your airways. It also stabilizes the pumping of blood in your heart. Healthy food choices during the HCG diet also helps in normalizing your blood pressure. It prevents the build-up of fat tissue and weight gain.

Other Ways to Battle Hypertension during the HCG Diet

  1. Exercise. A 10 to 15 minutes light activity every day helps to manage your blood pressure. During the HCG diet, you can try incorporating some aerobic exercise and other low-intensity activities. The HCG diet does not require strenuous activities as it causes fatigue and hunger. Stick to a light workout to avoid muscle loss and injury. Try cycling, jogging, walking, yoga, and swimming.
  2. Administer your HCG shots. Combine your exercise regimen with HCG shots. It is essential since greater body weight links to hypertension. Weight loss can reduce your blood pressure and other issues. HCG can also help you recover from sleep apnea and breathing difficulties. It also prevents muscle loss.
  3. Establish healthy eating discipline. Stick to the HCG diet food choices to keep your weight off. Healthy foods have a direct benefit to your blood pressure. Reduce your intake of foods that contain loads of sodium as they are the typical causes of hypertension. Stick to fruits, vegetables, protein to boost your heart health. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and sugar-sweetened drinks as they increase the fat deposition in your body. Healthy food choices are Natural treatments to alleviate high blood pressure.
  4. Manage your stress. It is inevitable but, you can follow some healthy coping mechanisms that will prevent you from stress eating. When things are going wrong, ensure that you have a healthy escape to avoid stress. Chronic stress is a typical cause of hypertension. You can prevent stress by increasing your sleep duration and doing some relaxation techniques. Avoid smoking and other unhealthy habits to maintain healthy brain functions.
  5. Visit your doctor. If you are suffering from hypertension, take a regular visit with your physician. Ensure that your medication does not interfere with the HCG. You can research some tips and professional advice on managing hypertension during the HCG diet. Hypertension is a Serious health issue. Get medical supervision before considering the HCG diet.

Maintain your consistency with the HCG diet protocol and avoid food cheating. The HCG diet will help you alleviate weight-related diseases through weight loss. Ensure that you have a support group to share your battle against hypertension.