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Avoid Sugary Drinks to Treat Obesity through the HCG Diet

Avoid Sugary Drinks to Treat Obesity through the HCG Diet

Processed drinks are one of the causes of obesity. It is because your body accumulates sugar and deposits them in your fat stores. Avoid fruit drinks, soda, energy drinks, wine, alcohol, and other drinks that contain sugar. Sugar-sweetened beverages have a link to obesity and other health risks.

How do Sugary Drinks Affect your HCG Diet?

Sugar-sweetened beverages are the worse options that cause an increasing number of obese people in the US. They are delicious treats that claim to be healthy and nutritious. During the HCG diet, ensure that you are reading the labels before purchasing them. Avoid temptations on the front package of the products.

Carbonated drinks or soda contains 50 grams of sugar and more than 150 calories per bottle. It has a higher sugar content than corn syrup and other sweeteners. How does it contribute to weight gain? Sugary beverages reduce the nutrients in your body. It triggers cravings and results in digging on excess calories. The rapid intake of sugar-sweetened beverages increases the accumulation of fats in the body.

How will you Stop your Soda Addiction?

Make up your mind and go caffeine-free. Opt for drinking tea and water and ensure you are taking your HCG injections. Load more on protein and fiber-rich foods to prevent cravings for soda. Replace your sweet tooth indulgences with fresh fruits. You can also make a delicious treat out of cold water and freshly squeezed fruit juice. Use stevia as a substitute for sugar to prevent adding calories.

Other Effects of Sugary Drinks during the HCG Diet

  1. It affects your satiety. Sugary drinks do not result in a similar effect as healthy foods. Sweetened drinks can relieve thirst and hunger. But, it increases your appetite right away. The flavor of unhealthy beverages stimulates the reward center of your brain and keeps you wanting more drinks.
  2. It increases your appetite. Unhealthy drinks affect your blood sugar levels. It leads to the accumulation of fats in your stomach and triggers cravings. It increases your cravings for unhealthy foods during the VLCD.
  3. It adds hundreds of calories to your diet. Avoid the marketing hype about beverages because they only attract consumers. Read the label of each product before purchasing to avoid sugar. On the HCG diet, you can only eat 500 calories per day. It does not include the calories from unhealthy beverages because they lead to weight gain.

Why do you Need to Avoid Health Drinks in the Market?

Health drinks, Gatorade, and bottled tea are sugary drinks in disguise. The real identity of these products is loads of sugar and calories per bottle. Gatorade has similar sugar levels as diet coke which triggers hunger in the long run.

Avoid sports drinks as well due to poor nutritional content. Sports drinks have nothing to do with your journey to reaching your weight loss goal. Avoid sports drinks regardless if you have strenuous workouts or you are an athlete. They can cause weight gain and has no benefits on your HCG diet.