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Losing weight is not just about the foods that you are eating. It is also not just about habits. Losing weight also linked to the common household food seasonings and cosmetics that you are doing. Losing weight is easier if you enjoy the foods that you will be eating. However, you might not enjoy the same taste like your usual food indulgence because you have to stay away from food seasonings during the HCG diet.

The things that you kept on your spice cabinet and your cosmetics table matters most during the HCG diet. There are cosmetics and other beauty products that can delay your weight loss. HCG diet is not just all about the foods but also its ingredients and the products you apply on your skin. Though cosmetics are not that big deal on weight loss it is better to avoid as early as now. This is because there are cosmetics and skincare products that are made from animal fats. Animal fats are not allowed especially during your Phase 2.

There are also food seasonings that are not allowed such as preservatives, flavorings, food color, sugar, and starch. These are the common food seasonings that can sabotage your weight loss.  Seasonings add taste to your foods however, it does not add the nutritional value. The higher the taste of the foods, the lesser the nutrients it has. This is because food seasonings can steal the nutritional profile of the foods. You can avoid unhealthy food seasonings through healthy loading on the HCG diet.

The food seasonings allowed during the HCG diet

  • Basil and bay leaf

Basil is a weight loss aid that allows burning of calories at a faster pace. It can also improve your body’s metabolism as well as the digestion process. Basil can also keep your liver healthy and maintain endurance. It protects you from infections and allows you to stay fit. Bay leaf as well is good for cooking. This is used to aid taste on your meal without any guilt. It is also good at dealing with the levels of fats in your body. Bay leaf is considered as one of the aromatic leaves for weight management.

  • Cayenne Pepper and Chilli

Cayenne pepper also helps in increasing your metabolic rate during the HCG diet. Cayenne pepper has healing properties that help in burning calories. The thermogenic property in cayenne pepper can speed up digestion and suppresses your appetite. Chilli powder as well can help in losing more calories. It has special properties that help in boosting your metabolic rate. Chilli lowers your appetite regardless if you are losing weight or not.

  • Cinnamon and cumin seed

Cinnamon will lower your appetite to fatty foods. It also lowers the effect of the fatty foods in your body. This is helpful in your overall weight loss plan as well as the glucose level of your blood. It is also known as one of the weight loss boosters. Cumin seed, on the other hand, is a weight loss remedy. It helps in dealing with your belly fats and burns extra calories. Cumin seed as well improves your digestion and allows the speeding up of your metabolic rate.

  • Fennel, garlic, and ginger

Fennel has diuretic properties if it used as a tea. It takes off toxins and contributes a big part in weight loss during the HCG diet. Fennels can restart your metabolism and promotes digestion. Garlic can help you lose weight efficiently. It is an appetite suppressant that prevents hunger and cravings from coming. Garlic can also work wonders in preventing various illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases. Lastly is the ginger that promotes weight loss. This is combined with other healthy food seasonings to deal with obesity. It takes off ravings from fatty foods.

  • Lemon, turmeric and mint leaves

Lemon promotes fullness and it also supports your hydration. It can also be used as a replacement for high-calorie beverages. Lemon water can burn calories fats as it boosts your metabolism. Turmeric as well has anti-inflammatory property. This inflammation is linked to obesity or rapid weight gain. Turmeric lowers stress which is a common cause of unexplained weight gain. This is useful in stopping the excessive fat deposition in your body. Mint leaves also helps in your HCG diet and it has germicidal properties. It lowers your appetite from unhealthy foods and controls your cravings.

How to determine the right spices and cosmetics for your HCG diet?

See to it that the products are natural and have no chemical added. Products that are not natural or whole can slow down your weight loss. Avoid the spices that are already mixed or those that contain oil. Always check the cosmetics products before you will purchase it. Make sure that it does not contain cream, oils and animal fat.

Cosmetics allowed during the HCG diet

  • Mineral Oil- This helps in maintaining the softness of your skin. It protects your skin from damaging. Mineral oil works as a barrier between your skin and air. Thus, maintains skin hydration and prevents aging.
  • Aloe Vera- The gel in the freshly picked Aloe Vera leaves features cooling components. This is soothing for your skin and protects it from sun damage. It is also effective in treating inflammation and other skin irritation. The soothing effect of aloe Vera protects your skin from damages that are caused by bacteria.
  • Lemon– It has antibacterial constituents that lower the attack of bacteria. Lemon is useful to fading scars and other marks on your skin. It is also helpful in skin exfoliation as it brightens your skin tone. Lemon promotes skin cleansing as it takes off skin residues.

You can improve your skin health by doing healthy habits. You can maintain your skin health by having a proper time of sleep. The proper time of sleep can lower stress that causes an imbalance of hormones. The hormonal imbalance releases unhealthy oils that affect your skin. Another skin protector is proper hydration. Water keeps off toxins in various parts of your body including your skin. It helps in maintaining the elasticity of your skin.