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After the HCG diet, your body will have amazing changes. You do not just lose weight but you gain a perfect shape. Your body reprograms itself. The brain makes an adjustment in metabolic weight. Every choice that you made will depend on your goals. You may have a lot of flexibility now or plan to go through more weight loss. The maintenance phase is one after the loading and burning stage. The last stage will reveal the weight loss goal. You evaluate your whole body during this phase.

Take note of the Caloric intake

The maintenance phase is still sensitive to the intake of calorie. Make sure to have the exact food portions. Allow your body to adjust and reverse the metabolic process of the body. You may eat any food as long as it is low in starch and sugar. It is still better to load up starch and sugar-free foods. Do this in a three-week duration. The weight loss is sensitive and any time may slip off from the track. Follow all the guide in doing the maintenance phase of the hcg diet.

Gradually Load-up sugar

In this part, you will gradually introduce more foods in your body. Slowly introduce small amounts of sugar and starch in your body. This is done slowly because these foods are new to your body. This phase the HCG hormones are slowly gone in your body. Continue eating healthy foods. Do not go back to your bad eating habits even after the maintenance phase. You will totally abandon the bad eating habits forever. Focus on nutritious food like fruits and veggies. This is one way to keep your body healthy. You can also avoid the risk of diseases.

Start an exercise on a planned basis

You may have a 30-minute exercise once a week. You may do an exercise 3 times a week. This is done if you slowly raise your caloric intake. Do not go on a marathon right away. Do not engage in hard exercises. This is to maintain your cardiovascular health. An active lifestyle can keep unnecessary pounds away.

No matter how much weight is shed, you still have to stay on organic foods. Try to have as many organic veggies and fruits. This will help the body in digesting. You can also increase the protein intake. Organic foods are fresh and safe for our health. They have the higher value of nutrients than the conventional ones. After the HCG shots, your body will start to adjust in many things. You will be looking better. It boosts confidence in knowing that you are losing weight. Your body is also strengthening to fight illnesses. Overall, HCG is a healthy type of diet. It works cleanly in the body.