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A satisfying feeling filled you after the HCG diet. You have attained the desired weight loss goal. It has taken a great part of your commitment, time and patience. Now that you have reached your goal, you are freer. What will be your life after you have shed pounds? You have learned how to maintain weight loss. This is considered as the final phase of the HCG diet. This phase will last forever. It is when you have to do all the things you have learned from the diet. You will learn and enjoy exploring a healthy lifestyle. You can now incorporate exercise during hcg phase 4. Include exercise as part of your daily routine. Choose the best exercise you will do to maintain physical fitness. One of the known workouts is the morning cardio. This is a safe and healthy way of burning calories and exercising.

What will be your exercise?

Your exercise is not on the idea of the heavy workouts and bodybuilding. You can also do the fasted morning cardio workout. This is a light cardio exercise in the morning before eating. It is believed that if fasting and workout are combined it brings a positive effect in the body. It helps the body to shed unwanted fats. It burns unwanted fats before it will be stored up. Most of the successful HCG dieters do 20 minutes of fasting morning cardio. The cardio is not about burning fats but it is about keeping the fat off. This allows the strength of the muscle to be developed. It builds up the muscle without gaining unwanted weight. You can do this every morning as part of your daily routine.

Push the body to do some cardio in the morning. Help the body to get used to exercising every morning. Do not forget to consume the exact amount of water to avoid dehydration. You can also have a cup of coffee before and after the workout. See to it that you the workout is not tiring. This is to avoid any case of emotional or stress eating. Upon completing the HCG diet, you are able to decide and choose your own lifestyle. See to it that you will not go back to your unhealthy lifestyle. You can also go for another round to lose more weight if you want to. Contact the medical experts if you want to do a second round of the HCG diet.