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The blogs in this site will reach out those dieters around the world. This will serve as a guide of each dieter who embarks the HCG diet. There are too much diet products that are popping in the market nowadays. However, we usually find hard to get what is best for the weight loss. One of the common problems with health today is obesity. This is because of the failure to maintain healthy eating habits. Obesity is a hard thing to deal with because, in reality, it is hard to lose weight. There are weight loss protocols that are so hard to follow. Thus, some of them make us gain weight over and over again.

The HCG diet has been helping obese and overweight individuals up to this time. If you are an overweight person and you do not have enough money for weight loss surgery, you can try the HCG diet. It is a weight loss process which involves changing lifestyle. This will require your effort, time, dedication and money. HCG diet is a weight loss process that will be all worth it.

HCG diet is a rapid weight loss process that helps a person to reach the weight loss goal. It is far different from any other diet because it is health-friendly. It targets all the stubborn fats that are not reached by other diet protocol. The HCG diet burns the fats in the hard to reach areas such as thigh and belly area.

The HCG diet comes in a process. It has 4 phases that need to be followed for the success of the weight loss. The process of the HCG diet is known as the phases. The first step is the phase 1 which is knowns as the loading phase. The loading phase is the part that each one is allowed to eat as much food as they can. This is a preparation of the body for the VLCD. The VLCD is phase 2, which is the cut down of calories to 500 each day. After the VLCD period is the stabilization phase. This will be the part that adding food kinds is allowed.  The last phase is the phase 4 which is the maintenance stage. Phase 4 is a phase that is known to be the “forever phase” because you will maintain the weight loss for the rest of your life.