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The extra calories that you eat are stored as fats. Your body relied upon those stored fats when you have nothing to eat. This process is a natural activity in your body. When you eat too many calories there will be a rapid storing of fats in your body. It will eventually lead to weight gain. Unhealthy fats will be deposited in random areas of your body. It will eventually become stubborn to lose.

Typical areas of fat deposition in your body

  • Abdomen- These are the abnormal fats that are stored in the mid-section. It surrounds the organs in your stomach.
  • Arms- The fat deposits normally occur in your triceps. Too much fat deposits will become a serious issue in your body. The fats in your arms will cover your muscle tissue.
  • Thighs- The inner thighs in particular have much larger fat cell deposits in women than men. This is common, especially for women.
  • Buttocks -The largest muscle in your body. You can also develop fat through here.
  • Knee – This is less common to store fats. Storing of fats in the knee is more common to women.

How does the HCG diet burn abnormal fats in your body?

The HCG diet metabolizes the abnormal fats in your body. It targets undesirable fats without touching a single muscle in your body. This will result in a leaner and more natural figure results in the end. The HCG also burns stubborn fats from the hard to reach areas of your body. These stubborn fats are those that are not burned by your past weight-loss regimens.

The HCG will reprogram your hypothalamus

The hypothalamus is a region of your brain that controls appetite. It stops your cravings from sugar, starch, and other unhealthy foods. It will reset your metabolism and promotes rapid fat burning. It also curbs hunger and sustains your body during the VLCD.

The HCG is necessary during the VLCD

The HCG works along with the 500 calorie intake per day. It has careful food selections to avoid interfering with the HCG. The 500 calories are more than enough because you will not feel any hunger during this time. The HCG is responsible for releasing energy from the burned fats. Do not go on 24 hours without your HCG dose.

The HCG will sustain your energy even in fewer calorie intakes. The 500 calorie diet provides basic nutrients and minerals needed for your body during weight loss. Focus on loading more on whole foods or organic food choices.

How much weight you can lose per day using the HCG?

There are different results during the HCG diet. One sure thing is that you can reach your weight loss goal at the right time. You can lose up to 2lbs per day when you religiously follow the diet protocol. This is done by maintaining your HCG dose. The HCG diet can work for anyone regardless of age, gender, and weight. You can reduce your body fat percentage safely. It is a safe alternative to lose weight instead of bypass surgery.