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Before you start the HCG diet, you have to make sure that you are ready for it. Do not join the diet if it is just by peer pressure. Being sure will help you assure that you will not experience any side effects. Make sure that you will not just do a trial and error diet. This requires your time, energy and money. You will be spending your efforts but it will be worth it after the diet. HCG assures the success of the diet and the safety of the dieter.

Do not be so expectant with the results. HCG diet works from one person to the other. It has a different result and effect on every person. However, the HCG diet assures positive effects on the body, weight, and as well as the health of a person. In the middle of the program, there will be challenges such as cravings and temptations. You should not expect the smoothness of the flow of the diet. However, you must plan a better goal that is reachable and possible to do. Your expectations may sometimes fail but if you will focus on the flow of the diet there will be a positive result.

You are not allowed to do the HCG diet especially if you are breast-feeding a baby. You can do it after the breastfeeding period or once you see that the baby can eat solid food. You have to have an assessment or check up before you will start the diet to see if you are good to go. You cannot do the HCG diet if you are suffering from life-threatening diseases. Consider to let your doctor know your recent state and health problems. This will allow them to help and guide you in losing weight and making the body healthy.

To all the alcohol lovers, you must stop it during the HCG diet. Alcoholic drinks are part of the bad habit. That is why you have to let it go because it can harm your body as well as weight loss. Before starting the HCG diet, stop the intake of alcohol and any other bad habits that causes you to gain weight.

Be aware of some fake HCG products that are sold anywhere. Make sure to purchase HCG injections in the legit seller. There are also fake products that are sold online. These products may harm not just your weight loss but also your health.