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This phase of the diet is the time when you need to get the benefits of the protocol.  This is when your body learns to live on a low-calorie intake. It is vital that you take some steps to prepare for reducing the calories. Thus, create a strong foundation with HCG in your body.

HCG Controlling Hunger during Phase 2 

The HCG Hormones assist in reducing Hunger in Phase two. It helps your body burn unhealthy fats. This provides your body with energy. Cravings are most of the time are just psychological.

The ways to Reduce Unwanted Cravings

  1. Advance Planning: During the first week, your body will adjust in not having the usual food. Do not go on a grocery shopping if you are hungry. Have a grocery shopping on the first 3 days of your Phase 1 diet. This advance planning lowers the temptation during the phase.
  2. Spacing out your meal until the HCG takes effect: Instead of eating 2 meals a day, you can have five small meals a day. You will just space out 500 calories to 100 calories in a meal. Spacing out the food is a good way to change the low-calorie diet during phase two. This gives the HCG a time to take effect in the system. Through this, your hunger will be lessened for the coming weeks of the diet.
  3. Help Control Hunger by Maintaining a Routine: Dietary routine will aid you to stay in the HCG diet. Everyone is unique. Making a routine will greatly help you be satisfied. This will also make you avoid cravings.
  4. Curb Hunger by eating vegetables: The fiber contents of the vegetable will make you full. There are many vegetables to choose from. Do not mix more than a single kind in one session. Consume 1 cup of vegetable per serving. You can eat all of the low-calorie vegetables.
  5. Overconsuming calories and vegetables: eat different vegetable each day. Make sure not to overeat. Make sure that you over consume vegetables, not the other foods. Vegetables rarely hurt the HCG’s ability to burn fats.
  6. Carry a meal with you: Bring your own lunch and dinner. This will make you avoid buying in the restaurant. Drink a lot of water every meal. The combination of water, veggies, and fruits can help you get through the day.
  7. Stave off the hunger through snacking: A little snack may help you mentally. You can have one piece of Melba toast or fruit.
  8. Curve hunger by staying hydrated: The caffeine in the coffee is one of the appetite suppressants. Consuming coffee or tea can get you out of hunger.