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The hormones in the body increase in Phase 2. This is followed by VLCD. This is the time that you are about to transition in Phase 3. This is when you will make your body ready for the loading of foods. In this last 72 hours, your hcg diet goal is to stay in the VLCD. You will prepare your body for the maintenance phase. It is when you start eating real foods. You can finally add a bit of oil in your dishes. The last 3 days in Phase 2 is known as the “transition period”.

What is the Transition period?

This is the last 72 hours in the hcg diet phase 2. This is to make sure that there are no HCG hormones active in the body. If everything is clear, you may start adding foods. You can now add larger portions of food in the diet. Transition starts eventually after the last injection. This is from 3 days after the last HCG injections. You have to continue the 500 calorie diet without the HCG hormones. Make sure that all the plateaus are already cleared.

More details on the last 72 hours of Phase 2

  • Stop injection in 3 days before the end of Phase 2
  • Avoid sugar and starches
  • Slowly reintroduce the fats and dairy products (first day of phase 3)
  • Focus on the food portions and control
  • Keep your weight stable

Benefits of VLCD

  • It makes life easier- no heavier fats and old eating habits. Do not make your life even more complicated by getting back in the old eating habits. VLCD allows developing and cleaning the body from toxins. A healthy body brings a successful life.
  • Promotes health- HCG does not just give rapid weight loss but also a healthy body. It reduces the risk of diseases. It prevents illnesses that are caused by obesity. VLCD also reduces the pre-existing conditions in the body. Losing weight can stop the growth of type 2 diabetes. This is done through the help of VLCD in the HCG diet.

A steak day is done when the weight increased more than 2 pounds. In the last 72 hours in phase 2, you will prepare your body for foods. Prepare for introducing foods back in the body slowly. Remember that these foods are aliens in the body. Make sure that the hormones work best in you so that it would be easy to load in the maintenance phase.

You may start to list down the foods that are allowed in Phase 3. Plan meals that are effective in the maintenance phase. You will add back slowly the sugars in phase 3. See to it that your body is healthy and well prepared for it.