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This is a continuation of the tips on how to stay away from cheating. Why do we need to stay away from cheating? This is because it gives an impact on your diet journey. Do not ruin the HCG diet with a single cheat. Another thing to stay away from cheating is not to think of it at all. To stay away from cheating you must:

  • Be inspired- Does an inspiration have something to do with cheating? Big Yes! Being inspired enough has no reason to cheat. Inspiration will be the one to motivate you in succeeding. How to be inspired? You can watch inspirational shows or movies. Watch a show that emphasizes the growth of the character. Be inspired by the life of the character. See how much they put courage on something. Now, believe in yourself that one day you will become like them. Engage your whole being in the movie. Choose some inspiration that you will watch for hours.
  • Find ways to enjoy the diet plan- Find time to write down or create an HCG menu of your own. You can list down all the needed things. Enjoy the diet plan by controlling cravings. Study each part of the plan and start to plan things out. Do not be a perfect dieter. Everyone gets tempted because no one is perfect. But, do not give in to temptations. You can enjoy the diet plan without eating a lot. There are a lot of things to do. Make sure to have the exact measure of the HCG hormones. Having the exact measure will not lead you to feel any hunger pangs. Hunger pains are the ones that lead you to cheat.
  • Get back on track ASAP- If you have slipped off, get back again. Do not let a single slip goes bigger. Remember that ruining the diet comes from a single step of cheating. Drink a lot of water and monitor your weight. HCG diet has given a correction day to make up cheating. Do not get stress. You can use your willpower to overcome stress. Weight loss is a hard thing but remember that HCG is an easy way. You can get back on track by making a new goal after a cheat. This time, have your 100% dedication to your goals. This is your time to be serious and act seriously on it.
  • Do not lose hope. There is always a bright side after the diet. Do not cheat and settle for less. See your future and see your goals. See yourself reaching the weight loss goal. Stay motivated and determined. Diet is not all about the foods that you eat. It is also about how much you learn from the protocol. This makes you more successful.

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