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Losing weight on the HCG diet is not hard. It only requires your full focus on the protocol. The first thing you must do before you start the HCG diet is to have a weight loss goal. Your weight loss goal will be your basis on how long would you stay on the HCG diet. You can also use various smart HCG tips to reach your weight loss goal without any failure.

You do not have to do heavy workout routine to have greater weight loss on the HCG diet. You are only allowed to have at least 10 to 15 minutes of light exercise especially if you are on your VLCD. The heavy workout will consume your energy and may cause stress which eventually causes weight gain.

Implementing an exercise routine on the HCG diet

  • Do not overdo your exercise when you are about to start the HCG diet

Skip your gym schedule during your HCG diet duration. This is because you will soon cut down your intake of calories. Exercise will cause fatigue because your energy will run out. When you start your HCG diet, you have to focus on learning the protocol instead of exercise. This is because your weight loss does not depend on your exercise routine. But, it depends on how well you follow the HCG diet protocol.

  • Enjoy on simple physical activity

You can walk around with your dog or take the stairs instead of using elevators. These are simple activities that can also help your body. Using the stairs will help you exercise your bones and muscle in your leg. This is a kind of exercise where you will be not wasting too much energy, effort and time.

  • Use only one exercise routine each week

You are not allowed to do 2 kinds of exercise in one day. You have to choose an exercise routine so that your body will get used to it. You can do yoga for one week and swimming, walking, biking or jogging for the following weeks. This easy exercise routine has various benefits in weight loss. These are also helpful in boosting your metabolism during the HCG diet.

Exercise can help in maintaining long-term health benefits. This is helpful, particularly in your cardiovascular health. Light exercises on the HCG diet helps in burning extra calories and it can also help in maintaining muscle health. Invest your time in the HCG diet. You can gain more energy to do more on your exercise routine after the weight loss process.