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How to drop all the unhealthy fats? How will you do it safely? Common diet wants to lose weight gradually. Because losing weight fast may affect the muscles and bones. However, HCG has a reverse response to this traditional belief. HCG burns weight fast without affecting the muscle. Most of the diet statements sound true but only HCG is proven. This is based on the testimonials of the HCG dieters. HCG has been helping hundreds of overweight and obese individuals.

For healthy weight reduction you must:

  • Have a Plan- In dieting; you must set a picture of your goals. The importance of planning is for motivation. This is will remind you of your goals. Your plan will keep you going. Losing weight is challenging. Everyone has the opinion to do it. However, not everyone is able to make it done. That’s why you need a plan. This plan must be realistic and reachable.
  • Follow the HCG food portions- Familiarize all the food measure in each serving. Each Phase has its corresponding number/amount of meal serving. Make sure to know all the foods that are allowed in the diet duration. The food in the protocol has a various serving. The important thing is to follow every meal plan in the HCG protocol.
  • Eat when you are hungry- Do not eat when your stomach is full. Be aware of the physical and emotional hunger. Only eat when you feel hungry physically. The HCG protocol explains that hunger is mostly physiological. That’s why the HCG hormones are designed to suppress hunger.
  • Know the hindrances of your goal- The barriers are of the goal are just around you. Weight loss is like a race, and barriers are not an alien to it. Every dieter must know the hindrances of the weight loss. This is for you to know when and where to keep away. The hindrances may cause trouble and you may slip off from the track.
  • Eat mindfully- Think before you eat. It is just like thinking before you will do a thing. Use the “why power” and not the “will power”. Do not follow your own will. Instead, follow the reasons why you started the program. This will help you know the amount of meal you are going to eat. You will determine when you will eat and when to stop. You will know what to eat and what is not allowed.
  • Cut down the Alcohol- Alcohol has the most number of calories and fats. It contains added sugar or any harmful substance. Alcohol can affect the work of HCG on your weight loss. A study has proven that a glass of alcohol has calories. The calorie of a glass of alcohol is equal to a piece of chocolate.

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