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No more bailing and failing! See the signs of success on the diet. Stick to the diet and wear the positivity. See the signs of success with the diet. Reach the success moments and stay on track. Here is some of the weight loss motivation:

  • Keep a diet journal- Write down all the meal that you eat in a notebook. Take note of all the items that you have for your diet. A diet journal can help you in monitoring the weight and activities that you indulge. Make sure to have a list of the HCG approved meals.
  • Track your success- Monitor the success that you have. Chasing success needs consistency. Tracking success is a result of having a diet journal. You are able to list down the progress that you have throughout the diet. Weighing is also one way of tracking. Do this every morning after getting up from the bed. The result of this is motivating.
  • Small for a large goal- Set a small goal each week to reach. This is an effective step in slowly reaching the weight loss goal. Keep motivated and do some small goals. Take time to notice the improvements in each goal. Remember that weight loss is not reached in one blink. Reaching goal in HCG diet is a process as it resets your whole body. HCG diet is a rapid process of burning fats and resetting the metabolism of the body.
  • Avoid the “take-out”- Dine inside your house. Avoid buying foods in a restaurant or food chains. You can be a chef for your own self. Cook the allowed HCG meals. Taking out foods can put you at risk of overheating. There is a lot of delicious recipes in the HCG diet. Choose healthily and live healthily.
  • Deal your cravings- Do not deny the cravings, you will just end up binging. Find something that can counter it. Be aware of the emotional and physical type of cravings. Have a low-calorie meal to counterattack the hunger pain. You can also drink water or tea.
  • Get enough sleep- Aside from cheating; the enemy of weight loss is sleep deprivation. Sleeping plays an important role in losing weight. It aids the smooth function of the system and metabolism. This is also helpful in preventing stress. Stress can be one of the reasons why we gain weight. It can be avoided through enough rest.
  • Reward yourself- Every success deserves a reward. This is one way of motivating oneself. Make sure to choose the best reward for yourself in the end. However, you cannot have food as a reward. Rewarding yourself with food can lead to the risk of overeating. A massage or pedicure is a great idea for a reward. Always choose a motivating and diet-friendly reward.

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